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June 3, 2011 / allyo

First & Last


First & Last Day of Kindergarten

From 2010-08-26
From 2011-06-02
From 2011-06-02

Drum out

Jamie’s school has this great tradition of drumming the kids out on their last day of school. Basically, about 20 minutes before the regular dismissal time, a group of older kids gathers outside the main entrance and starts drumming. They then dismiss the kids classroom by classroom, starting with the K/1’s. It was really fun and my only regret is that I didn’t really make friends with the parents in the room this year and didn’t have anyone to stand next to and reminisce with while waiting for Jamie to appear. That’s on my list of things to do starting this summer because Jamie really wants to have playdates with some of his buddies.

From 2011-06-02

Watching the drum out.

Today marks the first day of summer vacation and Jamie and I were both up early. Me, to work. Him, to wait the hour until he’s allowed to start playing wii (7:30). I’m really really really trying to shift my sleeping schedule so that I’m in bed with Jim by 9:30-10 and up early. Today my goal was 5:30 but I either slept through my alarm or didn’t set it properly. I’m having a really hard time getting to sleep earlier even though I’m exhausted. My mind is so full – of possibilities on good nights and bad nights? Pure fear.

On the housing front, we have a real possibility – as in the lease could be signed this weekend – for which the only drawback is no back yard. There’s a patio, a garage, and a strip of dirt on one side of the garage and a strip of grass on the other, which is technically on the other side of the duplex. Then tonight we’re looking a place that is literally a stone’s throw from Jamie’s school. We’re not sure if they take dogs, if anyone else has seen it, or if they’ll be cool with our foreclosure situation. But it’s 3 bedrooms, has a tiny yard an veggie patch in the back yard and did I mention a stone’s throw from school? I’m prepared to pay the deposit tonight and I haven’t even seen it yet!


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  1. Kelly / Jun 3 2011 11:50 am

    The drumming sounds cool! It is remarkable how much Jamie has changed this year. The whole shape of his head is different! He is still incredibly cute, of course! LMK about the rental! I am excited to have you on this side of the highway. 🙂 Also, we need a take two on our pool attempt.

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