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May 29, 2011 / allyo

A confession

Fw:New Message

Himself, with a freshly cut and spiked mohawk.

The other day Jamie broke one of my earrings by snapping the hook in two. The pair was old and I had acquired it in a workplace swap ages ago and the hooks were worn and I didn’t think much of it other than to ask Jamie – once again – to please not fiddle with my things. Of course, if I really didn’t want him to fiddle with my things I’d put them away instead of leaving them on the bathroom counter, and the earring was quickly forgotten. He kept asking me, however, when was I going to buy a new pair until this morning I finally asked him if he was feeling guilty for breaking them. He was, and I showed him how the other one bent easily and explained they were old and while I would like him to leave my things alone it was really ok and to forget about it.

Around the same time that the earring broke we had a fuse blow. It was puzzling but we didn’t think much of it. Then the next day MD noticed that both the lower plug in the outlet in the bathroom and the bathroom night light were blackened and thought it might have something to do with the fuse. I’ve been having trouble with that outlet, as my hair dryer plug has been falling out of the lower one so I’ve been taking the night light out of the upper outlet every morning when I dry my hair. But I never put the night light in the lower outlet so again, we were puzzled but didn’t think much of it.

It finally all came together tonight when, shortly after I tucked him into bed, Jamie came out of his room and told me he wanted to show me something in the bathroom. He pointed to the outlet and the night light, and through tears, told me he had done it when he had tried to plug the night light back in, not realizing the earring was hanging on one of the outlet prongs. I picked him up and carried him into our room where we both reassured him and he cried and cried.

He’s back in bed now, feeling a bit lighter and hopefully trusting his mom and dad more than ever.

And knowing he should keep the hell away from electrical outlets. I can dream, right?


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