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March 10, 2011 / allyo

Because I’m an overachiever!!

I have vision insurance for the first time in EONS (2 years?) and happily visited the eye doctor last week so I could finally get contacts again. I love contacts, and not just because I’m vain, but because my eyes are wildly different (L-20/100, R-20/40) which makes them focus at different points, and for whatever science-y* reason, contacts correct that while glasses do not. It’s been EONS (1.5 years?) since I had contacts. My current glasses cost a lot of money and should be in great condition but the part of the frame and lens on one side was destroyed by my clip-on sunglasses. The soft stuff on the clip came off and instead of going back to my old eye doctor – who I didn’t like – I ignored it and the clip scratched the hell out of my lens and finally I gave up and just cleaned the damn things on any old fabric that ended up being handy and so my vision is less than perfect when wearing the glasses. To add insult to injury a) I hate the frames because the technician at my old eye doctor – hate! – talked me into a frame I’ve never been 100% about, and b) the clip ons ended up BREAKING anyway and I suffered for ages without sunglasses until a friend pointed out that she wears regular sunglasses on top of her prescription frames – a bulky and slightly uncomfortable but welcome option. Ooh, and, one side of my frames cracked last fall and the lens fell out and thankfully plastic lenses? They don’t respond to regular super glue but gorilla glue? Works like a charm.

ANYWAY. Really, really thrilled about having contacts again and being able to, for the very first time in my adult life, pay cash money for an entire year’s supply. It makes me queasy to spend that much cash at once but I handed the debit card over anyway, knowing it would all be worth it.

The first day with contacts after a long time was a little uncomfortable, but the doctor told me what allergy drops to buy and recommended hot compresses to help make sure my eyes are completely clean at night because I have these little bumps on the inside of my eyelids that are easily irritated. And then she commented, “Some people actually wash their eyes with baby soap to make sure there isn’t any build up of eye makeup and bacteria.”

Somehow I heard this and translated it to, “Wash your eyes with really hot water using your face soap. ”

Fast forward a week and I’m at the library with a friend doing some research for Job 2 and my eyes are itching and burning and watering and I’m quietly, internally freaking out because OMG, all that money! What if I can’t ever wear contacts again? Can I return the EIGHT boxes that just showed up to my house? How can I afford new frames AND new prescription sunglasses b/c I’ll be damned if I buy clip ons again?

And so on.

Then a little light bulb started to flicker in the deep recesses of my brain as I realized my eyes felt almost…exactly…except on a lesser scale…as they do when you get SOAP IN THEM. Plus eyelids? Really dry.

So I took a day off, went back to using my regular eye makeup remover, which I haven’t used in oh, a year because when I take my glasses off the makeup pretty much disappears like MAGIC (and because I’m lazy, duh), moisturized the heck out of my eyelids and surrounding skin and voila – day two of wearing contacts with almost zero discomfort.

*Jamie asks a lot of science related questions which I’ll answer insofar as I’m capable, but even though the IDEA of science fascinates me, I never really learned much about it when I was in school and besides Jamie’s 6 – he asks a LOT of questions so I’ve gotten in the (lazy) habit of telling him he should ask his dad about most anything having to do with the natural and scientific world. Since that’s pretty much what he’s focused on these days besides Star Wars (which I know a hell of a lot more about b/c, hello, child of the 70s) he now has the impression that his dad is the smart one in the house (although his dad has never tried to scrub his eyes out of his head, at least to my knowledge, so Jamie might be on to something). The other day I told him to ask his dad and he said, “Yeah, because dad’s the one that KNOWS stuff.” Although a friend of mine pointed out that he’d be coming to me when he needs his master’s thesis edited, so THERE. Eventually, I’ll win.

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