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February 18, 2011 / allyo

Friday Bullets

  • If you ever go to a preventing f0recl0sure workshop and they tell you to keep a notebook and record every interaction with your mortgage company, do it. It’s what saved our butts earlier this week. Apparently we had taken a wrong turn last fall – kinda sorta on bad advice but I kinda sorta felt it in my gut at the time so it’s still on us – and typically the judge doesn’t halt a sheriff’s sale at this point in the process as the mortgage company claimed we were being disingenuous with this “last ditch” attempt to weasel out of the sale. Ahem. But MD was able to hand over the notebook to the very nice lawyer who was discussing our petition and prove that, while we didn’t do everything right, we had certainly been making an effort for ELEVEN MONTHS now with NO response from the mortgage company. Who’s being disingenuous again? Hmph. Anyway, mediation should happen next month and like MD told the nice lawyer man, we just want a fair shake. We want to actually talk to someone at the mortgage company with decision-making power (which is in the judge’s order, btw) and be heard. If it still doesn’t work out, so be it. At least we’ll have a fair shot.
  • I had to laugh at myself earlier today. I was at Job 1, miserable b/c of allergies and b/c I didn’t have time to use my neti pot this morning, when I realized there were no meetings on my calendar and everything I was working on could be worked on from HOME. So I packed myself up and now I’m on the couch doing my favorite thing – alternating between 2 jobs and two laptops with plenty of mental breaks in between. It’s going to take a long time for me to unlearn the habit of showing up just to SHOW UP.
  • I went to the doctor earlier this week for acid reflux that has been steadily getting worse for the past year and – when I say this, remember, I don’t care that much about how much I weigh and I don’t diet and I don’t talk about food except to say how good it is – but when I saw the number on the scale I just about fell down. I weigh 10 lbs less than my husband. He’s 6’1″. It’s not like when I was in high school dating a soccer player who was an inch taller than me and who would get within shouting distance of my weight during two-a-days. I’ve been lazy about exercise and eating a ton of sweets. This isn’t my body at it’s normal resting point, it’s my body in constant pig-out mode and I’m not comfortable – like, breathing is sometimes difficult due to my spare tire, not my asthma. So. Walking. Less sweets. Less carbs, more veggies. I’m about 20 lbs over my comfortable overweight-ness. Yikes.
  • Jamie has now seen the original Star Wars trilogy several times over. Between snow days and our random mid-week teacher work day last week AND Star Wars Lego Wii, the empire’s marching song is forever and ever stuck in my head. Amen. Unless I take an ice pick to my ear drums.

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  1. Mystik Momma / Feb 18 2011 7:16 pm

    I have 20 pounds that I am lugging around too! And the culprit, eating whatever, whenever and way too much. I have a sweet tooth that isn’t going away and I know my cleanse is in need. I am able to kick the habit and start fresh. How about we both lose the 20 pounds and feel better, walk taller and breathe better together???

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