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December 31, 2010 / allyo

Here, there, and everywhere

I’m ending my experiment with Posterous, as short lived as it was. I thought that the post by email feature would help me blog. Having two different jobs and three different computers and a funky wordpress log in issue (I have to log in twice, the first time it tells me my password is wrong, the second time it takes it) AND a general ambivalence about blogging have made coming to this space a chore.

But Posterous had its own issues. It’s very public, much more so than I’m used to, with some of my posts getting over 400 views. I thought I wanted to go public with the blogging and Posterous would have made it easy to integrate my two worlds – blogging and real – but then I changed my mind (again!). Then I thought maybe I was done blogging for good. Like most people, Facebook is taking up more and more of my online life. I realized recently that I get most of my online content from Facebook now. I still have my google reader account and check in there daily but Facebook is where I spend most of my time.

The problem with Facebook of course is that it’s public, and I’m friends with lots of family members there. And I’m finding I still would like a little, semi-private place on the internet to share with the 2-3 of you that are still reading. 2010 was a crazy, horrible, wonderful year and there’s lots to reflect on and talk about going forward. I’ve got a lot going on inside my head and I’d like to sort it out here, hopefully with a little input from my friends.


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  1. Mystik Momma / Dec 31 2010 11:04 am

    I am here! I understand the Blog/FB issue, but I love my Reader as it inspires me and is my daily newspaper read. There is just more depth there of specific things I want to read and allow into my world. FB is just a healine, and sometimes I really don’t care what other people say that I have never met as they comment on one of my friends posts. I find it annoying like that. Oh well, let’s flesh it out here and enjoy being more in depth and honest?

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