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June 30, 2010 / allyo

Glamour Shot: Ode to Bagels

Yum, bagels


I’ve been living it up over here with my work at home time by baking bread products. My first loaf of homemade wheat bread was blah. No flavor, not the type of texture I like, but we suffered through it. We just tried pita bread this weekend and while it’s delicious, the process is long and takes some planning ahead and you get 8-12 smallish pita’s for your effort. I’ll make them again IF I’m asked to but probably won’t otherwise.

But these bagels? Oh what a hit. I think we’ve made 5 or six batches so far. They’re now a weekly must. In fact, Wednesday has become bagel day around here. Only I made TWO batches this weekend after skipping them last week because I was convinced that MD was only humoring me and didn’t really like them that much. He’s the main bagel eater around here and I originally tried them to see if I could make them as good as some of the better stores around here at a fraction of the price. But last Thursday when he asked, a bit wistfully, why I didn’t make bagels the day before, it was clear that all three of us love these things.

I made a plain batch this weekend without the added whole wheat flour for MD mostly. We like them with a little salt and pepper on top, or fire salt, but I think MD mostly likes them plain. Then I made a batch with whole wheat and cinnamon sugar swirl for Jamie and I. Oh, I LOVE these. With some peanut butter they’re the perfect snack and Jamie eats them warmed slightly in the microwave with honey for breakfast.

It’s not even a chore to shape these things because I love working with this dough. And boiling them? Loads of fun. I swear. Try a batch or two or three.

Recipe notes/modifcations:

  • I actually found the amount of salt to be too much so I reduced it to one tablespoon
  • We boil them for 1 minute on each side instead of 30 seconds
  • I don’t have any whole wheat pastry flour on hand so I’ve been using a cup of regular whole wheat and they’re fine

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  1. Mystik Momma / Jun 30 2010 4:48 pm

    Looks terrific! can we make these at the cabin?

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