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June 2, 2010 / allyo

Random Wednesday – Now with more awesome!*


I know I’m his mom and all, but I think Jamie’s rockin’ his new etch a sketch. This is the latest in his “ice cream truck” series. 🙂 (I can’t get the bold turned off, oops.)

  • I was rear-ended AGAIN last week. And I have yet to hear from the other driver’s insurance co. I need to call my own but…
  • Jamie got sick on Friday. Typical virus with an ear infection chaser. He’s finally definitely on the mend today and will go straight back to the gulag tomorrow. I just warned him it’s going to be many, many days before he sees the tv again.
  • I now have my own awesome sore throat and stuffy nose. But, still getting the bare minimum of work done, i.e., just keeping up.
  • We were blessed by an impromptu and all but brief visit from MD’s brother and family on Saturday (they live in Nashville). Fever be damned, Jamie had an awesome couple of hours with his cousins and MD and I greatly enjoyed seeing the whole family.
  • If you haven’t yet already, please check out Julia and Dawn’s new site, Support for Special Needs. This article is awesome, and I love that they even have a “Future Glimpse” category. Genius.

And, to digress from the bullet points…

This post by Dawn is also a must read for many reasons. Go, read, and read the links. I keep trying to write about Henry Granju and I just can’t. It’s devastatingly sad. You know when you look at your kids and you imagine their future, all bright and shiny? I think about what a wonderful partner and parent Jamie will be some day, how loving and tender he can be, how funny and stubborn and I imagine him as an adult and it makes my heart sing. I sometimes imagine the what if as well – what if he takes after his great uncle and becomes an alcoholic? What if he takes after my mom and spends 20 years of his life smoking pot and going no where? What if he follows in my mom’s footsteps in other ways? The Granju family is living that what if and my heart breaks for them.

*Seriously, just read this after I hit publish and awesome much? The meds are wearing off is all I can say.


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