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March 20, 2010 / allyo

Rainbow cupcakes

You’ve probably heard of a rainbow cake before. Here are some images and a couple of bloggers I read regularly have done the multiple layer version. I liked the idea of the two layer version as I’m not a huge icing fan but we haven’t really had a reason to make a layer cake, and since there’s just the three of us and MD and Jamie tend to lose interest in leftovers – even sweet ones- quickly I knew I’d be either throwing it out or eating the leftovers myself. I don’t like to throw food away so I figured it was best to not make one. Then Family Fun had rainbow cupcakes as its March treat and I couldn’t resist. Plus, we had friends over last weekend to “help” us eat up some of the 1/2 dozen boxes of pizza MD brought back from the NAPICS show a few weeks ago so I figured I could make a small batch and we’d all have one… or three. Ahem.

They looked pretty good.

Rainbow cupcake

Jamie loved them.

Rainbow cupcake

Rainbow cupcake

(Ignore the mess in the kitchen. And the many bottles of beer on the counter. Although I know you’re jealous.)

I used this recipe and although the batter tasted like heaven, like a cupcake batter version of a really good vanilla pudding, there were a couple of problems with the finished product. First, it was a lovely thick batter, wonderful for really good cupcakes but not so much with the layering. Plus, I overbaked them. I know better than to check something in the oven that’s not quite done and then set the timer for FIVE minutes but that’s what I did so they were dry. I hate boxed cake any more but it’s probably the best way to go for these cupcakes unless you have a scratch recipe that’s as runny as a box.



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  1. kristen / Mar 20 2010 3:51 pm

    Thanks for the link! Your colors are so dark-really pretty!!

  2. Abby / Mar 22 2010 9:40 am

    Gorgeous! And I will not ignore the kitchen or the bottles (yes, jealous, though Guinness is more beer than I can handle). Your kitchen looks like my kitchen, only you have cupcakes to show for it.

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