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January 8, 2010 / allyo


I’m late to the party but wanted to post my New Year’s resolutions for posterity’s sake. I don’t like to set myself up for failure with resolutions, i.e., “loose 20 lbs.” For me, the new year is a time to take stock of where I am in my life and make any necessary changes/corrections towards being happy and healthy.

Be more social. When MD and I started dating I was 23 and he was 22. We went out 5 nights out of 7. As of about 2 years ago I realized that even considering we were no longer in our 20s and had a child we still weren’t social enough. Jamie has been pretty vocal recently about wanting more people come over more often and last fall I think I decided to use MD’s Sunday work schedule as an opportunity for play dates and physical activities that MD can’t always handle. I also decided I needed to have a more welcoming way about me, and have worked on being one of those people that not only makes EYE contact with strangers but will engage in trivial chitchat when given the opportunity. We started out the new year with a family party at our FriendD’s house (MD was sick and had to stay home) and a Knit Gang potluck at our place on new year’s day. I invited a friend of Jamie’s over for a playdate this past Sunday and he’s off to his friend’s house this Sunday. I’ve got tentative plans in place for the Sunday afterwards as well. But I also want to actually invite people over for dinner and stuff, which is much more doable now that we don’t have a sick dog peeing all over the floor. (sigh)

Establish a savings account. Last spring when we started working with a credit counseling agency we learned how to budget in a way that allowed us to put away a small amount of money each pay period. We established two savings accounts. One was to slowly build up to an emergency fund and the other was to aid with cash flow in order to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle. Those were decimated after my pay cut/ongoing furlough days and Jim’s crappy summer hours. This year I want to build that emergency fund up to cover, say, half a mortgage payment. The other account I’d like to establish a threshold below which we never go, even if it’s $100 at this point. We’ve had a lot of low points since we’ve stopped using credit (we’re in one right now actually) and we never again want to be in the position of not having enough money to take one of us to the doctor  if needed unexpectedly.

Get my exercise mojo back. I’m currently in the longest physical dry spell I’ve been in since Cory was a puppy. I haven’t exercised regularly since before Jamie was born. Once MD started being home in the evenings Jamie and I were able to get into the habit of riding our bikes around the block almost nightly and this year MD is going to sell his bike and get a shorter one that he can ride more easily so we’ll be able to ride as a family. That’s great because it does provide some movement for me and physical activity for Jamie is always a good thing plus it’s fun and good family time but I need to make my own exercise needs a priority. My therapist has convinced me of the importance of this and until the weather got super cold I was walking at lunchtime with a coworker. The week before Christmas I even got up 3 mornings to do some yoga. Now that the holidays are over and we’re getting used to MD being back at work I am going to make it a priority to do yoga 3 mornings a week and I might get up and play Wii tennis the other two mornings. I get pretty winded chasing after that nonexistent ball!

Continue the slow slog toward home organization. Over the past year I’ve worked really hard to find a place for all the crap that seems to pile up. There are rules about where mail goes and how quickly, MD is now responsible for opening his own mail, (sigh), stuff gets tossed out regularly. We weeded out a bunch of toys this winter and while clothing and other items to donate still pile up they do get out of the house quicker than they used to. Our day to day living spaces are much more manageable and we all know where things belong. We still have cabinets that need to be cleaned out and repurposed and let’s face it, clutter is normal. But I want to get the office/craft room moved around and reorganized and I’m slowly talking MD into thinking about “his” room in the basement where his reptiles and amphibians live as more of a multipurpose/extra tv room.

Make cinnamon rolls, pie crust and pasta from scratch. Hey, they can’t all be super serious!


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  1. LittleWit / Jan 9 2010 9:40 am

    Those sound like some excellent resolutions! I s’pose I should take a gander at mine, or rather face up to them and put them in writing. I know what they are in my head, but I am afraid to say them aloud.

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