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December 26, 2009 / allyo

Merry Merry

I am stealing 15 minutes out of this lazy day to catch up on blogs and facebook updates. In about 10 minutes, Jamie and I are going to watch School of Rock and I’m going to work on some overdue knitting.

Pictures and more later, just wanted to pop by and say Merry Christmas and all that jazz. If you celebrate. If you don’t, happy 26th of December. I am enjoying counting down the last days of this accursed year!



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  1. MystikMomma / Dec 26 2009 11:41 am

    Mystikman is off today and we are going to do family game day, set up the trains and just hang in our PJs!

    Have a great day doing all your favorites and of course snuggling and kissing that boy of yours!

  2. LittleWit / Dec 28 2009 1:19 pm

    Merry Merry! I got School of Rock for Christmas in my stocking! 😀

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