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November 30, 2009 / allyo

12 Reasons Why This Thanksgiving Rocked

  1. MD and I had FIVE days off together. We really, really needed that. Day 1 (Weds) was spent getting comfortable again being alone with each other and had more than it’s fair share of picking and sniping and then we fell back into our groove more or less.
  2. Family. We couldn’t afford to visit MD’s brother & family in Nashville this year so it’s been one whole year since I’ve hugged our niece and nephew. Our time together was short but we made the best of it and Jamie had so much fun – as always – playing with his cousins.
  3. The weather. It was warm enough for us to explore my MIL’s property a bit on Thanksgiving. We took a walk through the woods, albeit a short one as there were hunters in the area, and explored the creek. When I was growing up Thanksgiving always meant hours of play outside after dinner and it was fun to have a chance to do that this year. We usually run off to my aunt’s house after lunch at my MIL’s but this year we stayed put for the day.
  4. The food. I made a rockin’ pumpkin cheesecake thanks to Abby. This potato dish (sans pancetta) was ok but would have been better had I had time to taste it before putting it in the oven. It really needed extra salt and pepper. I will say I missed my family’s food (and leftovers!) but overall, it was a great meal.
  5. Early Christmas. We exchange gifts with the Tennessee relatives on Thanksgiving so there was a mini flurry of opening presents after dinner. I love watching people open stuff and Jamie got some great things that he’s been playing with nonstop.
  6. A clean house. BIL and fam came over Friday for lunch so I spent time all week cleaning the house. It’s our first thorough clean in awhile, and it was bittersweet knowing that the reason the house could actually be so clean was because Cory was no longer around. But I am still enjoying it and it’s in pretty good shape for Christmas decorating, which will start this week. We don’t spend a day doing everything, we ease into it at our house.
  7. Movies! I went to see New Moon with a couple of friends and while there were some oops-laugh-out-loud-even-though-this-is-a-serious-moment moments I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
  8. Birthday party! Our string of birthday parties remains unbroken with the party of a family friend at this place. Jamie had a blast, and I was able to stop by for a bit before heading over to Dawn’s for a…
  9. Toy exchange! I had a great time, but I always do at Dawn’s because as she said, she knows some pretty awesome people. It was great to get rid of some stuff (I won the “brought the most crap” award), especially things like Jamie’s old kitchen and tricycle and knowing who they were going to and knowing they’d be loved some more. Also fabulous was leaving with only a few items that Jamie will be getting for Christmas. Big super thanks to Dawn’s husband Brett for taking the rest…somewhere. I think either Goodwill or the curb! 🙂
  10. Laziness! We skipped church on Sunday, which probably wasn’t the best call after all because we’re going to miss the next two weeks for other reasons but it was nice to have a lazy morning for a change. I set my alarm the other 4 days of the 5 day weekend but yesterday? We slept until 8:15. Luxury, and I’m amazed Jamie let us. Just goes to show how exhausting all that fun can be.
  11. A new camera! We put together a gift card from my sister, a donation from MD, a contribution from me, and a little from the grocery budget and managed to get a new point and shoot camera. I’ve been borrowing my sister’s since Jamie’s bday and I’m very  happy to have my own so I can give hers back. Also? My sister rocks.
  12. My family. As much as I sometimes crave alone and friend time, I can’t think of any better way to spend the holidays than with my little family. I love who we are together. It’s just a dream come true that this is my life.


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  1. MystikMomma / Nov 30 2009 11:54 am

    well such a great post! I feel the joy and cheer in your voice all the way down here! I too get it, the little family idea. I love it as well and still marvel at how I had a part the larger part, uhmm, in creating these 2 creatures! I look at their faces and see so much wonder and inner beauty radiating out.

    How lucky we both are and what struggles along the way to arrive at this place. We are blessed, very blessed and to count you as my friend, well, there is nothing more to say!

  2. dawn / Nov 30 2009 12:01 pm

    Pennie took (I think) every thing that you brought that was still there so Brett only had a few things (mostly Wriggles!) to take to VoA!! Pennie was very grateful and Tommy was impressed!

  3. Thorn / Nov 30 2009 1:24 pm

    This sounds like a great break, and your family sure deserved one!

  4. LittleWit / Nov 30 2009 3:30 pm

    Hooray for a great weekend and fun with the family and friends!

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