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November 16, 2009 / allyo


Stream of conciousness catch up:

  • Health: I was sick last week. Like, flu-ish sick. And now I’m out of sick days. Until May 1st. Whoo!
  • Money: is teh suck. I added up how much income we’ve lost since June due to my pay cut and furlough days, increased insurance premiums, the cluster fuck that was MD’s summer schedule, and his 5 1/2 week layoff that starts on Thanksgiving, and basically, we’re short almost 5 mortgage payments. Which puts our extreme behindness on bills into a little perspective.
  • Money: see above. I’m dreading trying to buy Christmas presents. Gulp.
  • The offspring: challenging. Jamie’s been, um, mouthy. (My grandma is somewhere laughing.) My hope is he puts his talents to good use by going to law school and taking care of us in our old age because at this point we won’t have any retirement to speak of!
  • The offspring: ummm…challenging. He’s been hitting me again and one day last week when I was well enough to at least be upright on the couch I found out that the Supernanny agrees with MD’s way of dealing with it. I was watching a mom with her 6 yo son with ADHD (Jamie doesn’t have ADHD but I figure he’s a year younger so it kind of evens things out) and it was like watching myself. She was calm, until she finally had had enough and was like,  you don’t get to treat me that way, go to your room, picking the boy up to go to his room, he’s screaming, she’s starting to yell, oi. It was almost enough to make my hair curl it was exactly the way things play out here. Supernanny was very fixated on not taking it personally and being the grown up and therefore the one that has to change the pattern and worked with the mom to change the situation and it was basically, have compassion and realize his feelings are overwhelming. When the Supernanny is advocating a softer touch than me, then well, I pay attention! So far, it’s working.
  • The offspring: I loves him. We were talking about the Where the Wild Things Are movie and he’s decided it’s too scary for him to watch. It’s only been recently that he’s been ok with reading the book. He’s such a bundle of strong emotions and any talk of separation from parents, me especially, freaks him out. It occurred to me recently that that is actually awesome, as by his age I had experienced that type of loss many times over and he’s known nothing but security. And yet, it’s still one of his biggest fears. No wonder I eventually needed lots of therapy.
  • Discipline: we’re getting it. And as usual, it’s greatly due to watching other parents in action. The first time I heard Friend D calmly ask one of her kids, “You’re about to lose a privilege, which one would you like it to be?” it was like a light bulb went on! That and the first chapter of How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so kids will talk have helped me immensely. MD is on board in theory but god, he’s so, like controlling. He can’t leave Jamie alone long enough to give him a chance to catch up an get to doing what he’s supposed to be doing.
  • Work: is ok but frustrating. Looking forward to the holidays for a change of pace.
  • Me and MD: missing the red dog but treating each other well. Talking a bit about how to keep him from spiraling into a fit of bah humbug depression due to layoff and general grumpiness around Christmastime. Yeah, I loves him too.
  • Speaking of the spouse: tonight his snoring is so obnoxious he sounds like a moose looking for a mate. Thank GOD for earplugs!


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  1. dawn / Nov 17 2009 8:55 am

    We just threw out a lot of crap toys you wouldn’t want but it may be that we find not crap toys you would want. I think maybe the mommies among us ought to talk about doing some swapping for christmas presents. I have no idea if I have anything good or not but heck, I might have something good. you might have something good. Our friends might have good things.

    I think I might arrange something like this, whaddya say?

  2. kelly / Nov 17 2009 10:47 am

    Dawn has a great idea. And I was impressed by your “lose a privilege” talk last night. Worked really well. I shall steal it to deal with my own at times unruly offspring.

  3. LittleWit / Nov 17 2009 1:40 pm

    Sounds like there’s a lot going on. I feel that I would tend to act the same way as you, I guess that Super Nanny sure does know what she’s talking about. 🙂 *hugs* Let’s brainstorm about inexpensive Christmases at Knit Night.

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