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August 6, 2009 / allyo


I am long overdue for a post about Jamie. He’s almost 5 and waffles between charming and…not…daily. But I was just looking at some felt play food online (sorry, closed the window and don’t remember what rabbit hole I found it in) and was sad because he never plays with his kitchenette anymore. We actually moved it to the family room where it is still being ignored. And his trains – last year it was all about THOMAS and MD and I love the wooden Thomas toys and we had so much fun buying bulk track at our local independent toystore and planning layouts and asking for a trian table for Christmas and I was even glad he asked me to put a Geo Trax track together recently but he played with it for half a day and that was enough.

Around this time next year we will hopefully be working transitioning Jamie’s bed to the loft position. According to Ikea the loft is only for kids ages 6 and up but I really thought we’d have it flipped by his 5th birthday. However, he has fallen out of his bed at least twice in the last week which huh? Plus, we told him he had to go to bed without us laying down with him before we flip it and we’re totally not there yet.

Anyway, when the bed becomes a loft we’ll gain all that floor space in his room and at that time the lion’s share of his toys will be moved to his room. We’ll still keep some bigger things downstairs in the family room, but things he’s losing interest in now, like the kitchen stuff and the trains, if they’re not being played with still at that point they’re gone.

I hate having a lot of different types of toys around – we prefer things like legos and trains (and those damn hot wheels cars that multiply like bunnies) that we can just add to. In the last few months we’ve had more and more big boy toys creep into the house, like transformers and one lonely spider man figure.

I don’t think Jamie really knows what he wants to do with himself these days because he’s so often bored and sulking and wanting only to watch tv, which is seriously rationed around here these days. He’s more into “computer” games – leapfrog keyboard that plays games on the tv. I’m thinking about a leapster for his birthday – or more likely Christmas with our $$ situation.

Of course this time of year outside is good and we’re riding our bikes a lot but I still feel like we have a house full of stuff, and I don’t want to get rid of all of it because the minute I do he’ll want to play with it, but we’re definitely at an in between time and I wonder what is it he really wants to play with. It’s weird.



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  1. Monica / Aug 6 2009 6:45 pm

    We are in the EXACT same position with my almost 5 year old. The train table is rarely used, the kitchen set is completely ignored and he seems at a loss about what to do with himself. The Wii and the computer are his absolute favorite things, but of course we have to limit them. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure he could play them all day. We have some luck with regular board games, but it’s not consistent. I can’t even think of another toy he regularly plays with…

  2. Abby / Aug 8 2009 8:01 am

    Do you have any storage space where you could put the stuff for a couple of months and then bring it back out? I hate having a million toys, too, but every time I get rid of something that they haven’t played with in forever, I regret it. I do rotate the toys a lot, (and then it’s like Christmas when I bring out new stuff), but it eventually gets to a point where I think we have too many toys in storage, so I donate them. And then I feel regret it. A kitchen set and train stuff are classics and you could have one out at a time and then swap and I bet he would still be interested. You could totally store the train stuff here for a while. 😉

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