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June 29, 2009 / allyo

Bits from a Monday

1. It’s been a crazy restless Sunday night, with me wide awake at midnight, then any immediate hope of sleep dashed by the call “MOMMM-MAY!” It can only mean one thing – the pull up has sprung a leak. Jamie’s upset, protesting, “But I didn’t drink too much water!” I mumble, reassuring, “It happens kiddo. Take off your clothes, I’ll be right back.” It’s funny, I had a feeling after 5+ nights of dry pull ups, that we’d be in for a leak or two.

2. I’m awake again for some reason at 5:00 am, looking at the clock, waiting for my alarm to go off. I’m finally up at 5:15, before the alarm, thinking that sometimes it’s easier to get up early when you weren’t really all that asleep. I leave the house 25 minutes later, still new, again, to the early morning workout routine. 5 minutes into Couch to 5K, day one, I’m thinking, “This sucks.” Then I remember Dr. Mama – jog so slowly when you’re starting out that it would be quicker to run. I do so, and a little while later I’m back at my house thinking, “Whoo, not too bad.”

3. There’s something going on in my life that I can’t write about here – but can reassure you that it’s outside the sphere of home – that has at least temporarily lifted a weight off my shoulders. It may be that it’ll be an out of the frying pan into the fire type of situation but for the time being, I’m hopefull. For the first time in…awhile.

4. General nuttiness abounds INSIDE the home sphere.  Jamie has somehow picked up poison oak and/or sumac although mercifully it only itches a little, at bedtime. MD thought he was working Tues/Thurs this week but got a text at 2:30 today asking him if he knew he was supposed to be at work. Turns out it’s Mon/Weds which is awesome for me. I’ve got a class at church tomorrow on $$$ (ack) and the knit gang on Thurs. As he’s leaving Cory struggles to get up the steps and MD kind of freaks out, leaving me an overwraught message at work although he’s fine later.

5. I throw together an impromptu but tasty dinner, and afterwards Jamie turns down our nightly walk (yay – I’m also sore from yardwork yesterday) in favor of playing in his room. I vacuum, and then clean the bathroom, and wonder at the fact that I’ve accomplished more today than I have on a Monday in ages. (See #3 I guess).

6. As I’m rocking Jamie, I ask him, “What wonderful dreams are you going to dream tonight?” I’m trying to set us up for a positive nighttime experience as there’s been a lot of “I don’t want to be ALONE” whining after plenty of time spent by one one or both parents. He starts out by saying, “Let me tell you two dreams I’m having right now. The first dream is I hope I have a new toy. Someday.” (Drama much? MD brings him home something weekly from the grocery store.) He hesitates. We’ve had some age-appropriate stuttering the past few months (which is actually kind of cute) but finally he blurts it out. “My second dream is that daddy, is that daddy, I wish that daddy’s leg would feel better.” “Jamie, you are so wonderful,” I say. “That is a very wonderful thing to wish.” Then he amends his list, saying that the “second one is actually the first one and the second dream is, I wish you weren’t allergic to cats.”

7. Now I’m taking my daily medicine and packing my lunch for tomorrow, and missing MD a tiny bit since he’s still at work but really, we’ve been gorging ourselves on family time as he’s working very few hours until after the 4th ($$$ ack) so it’s nice to be alone in a quiet house. Especially since I am so tired.  July is going to be rough (see: $$$ ack) in at least one way, and the future is uncertain in others, but I am content.

Sleep tight.



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  1. dawn / Jun 30 2009 8:23 am

    I run so slowly that Noah can walk beside me and keep up, no problem. (Ok, he walks fast but still!!!) If I run any faster, it hurts my leg too much and I’m trying to heal this shin splint without injury. The program really does work! And when I’m running for 25 minutes and thinking there is NO WAY I could ever be faster or run longer, I remember that at the beginning I didn’t think I’d ever be able to run a lap let alone a mile. It’s totally a zen/one-day-at-a-time kind of practice!

    (Only problem now is that my shin splints are kinda worrying me because they are very swollen after a run and I might need to step back a bit.)

  2. LittleWit / Jul 4 2009 11:16 pm

    I’ve been meaning to check out that couch to 5k thing. 🙂 I hope that weight is lifted off your shoulders indefinitely! I missed y’all this week.

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