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May 30, 2009 / allyo


I know I’ve been quiet here. I write so many posts in my head these days and never get a chance to sit down and write them for real. Same with email –  I write emails to people in my head and then forget that I never sent them. I’m pretty sure this is just a product of being stretched thin in multiple directions and not that I’m finally losing it for good.

Jamie’s daycare was closed yesterday and it was a gorgeous day. Cool in the morning, sunny and warm in the afternoon. We finally bought training wheels for his bike earlier this month and we took it to our big park with multiple bike paths yesterday and he was great! Rode a long time, followed the rules of the road (mostly), and it was hard for me to keep up with him on foot. After my allergies calm down I’m going to take both of our bikes to my dad’s house because they have trails built in to their huge development and they’re a lot less travelled than the park. I’m looking forward to getting on my bike again. It’s been far too long.

Two long weekends in a row have given my plenty of opportunity to think about our life and where I want to go from here. Time away from work has been good because it reminds me that even though I’m pleased about a lot of things right now and am looking forward to some new experiences, my long-term goal is to be somewhere else. Same thing for our house and our neighborhood. It’s lovely, quiet, (too quiet) and safe. But half a mile that way there’s a not so lovely neighborhood, and even worse, there’s nowhere to walk or ride bikes. I know what my dream neighborhood entails – walk/bikeability, central location/bus line, nearby park. And there are two that meet this description that we might, one day, be able to afford.

I did have a moment of melancholy yesterday about the lost baby/preschool years and how I was never able to stay home. But it’s time to look forward. We’re doing a lot better with our finances and even have a little money in our savings account. We’re learning how to wait and plan for things instead of just saying no, no, no, and then giving in and buying it ALL. (Kind of like financial bulimia.) And in 13 months we’ll be done paying for daycare, and then when Jamie is in 2nd grade we’ll have our debt paid off. My goal, the one I am afraid to say out loud, even here, is by the time he is in middle school, I want to be working part time and/or freelancing. A lot needs to happen to make that work. We may not get there, but I like having it out there.



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  1. Mystik Momma / May 30 2009 2:26 pm

    Sometimes putting it out there is all that is required! Never in a million years did I think I would be living on a island just like the beach scene from a magazine I cut out and pasted on my filing cabinet years ago! Kinda fun how that works…

    Now I have a picture of the Ponte Vecchio on my filing cabinet!

  2. dawn / May 31 2009 9:12 am

    Move here! Move here!!

  3. LittleWit / Jun 1 2009 10:01 pm

    Those are excellent goals and I am sure you will be able to make them. Paying off your debt will be super exciting. I wish you all the luck you need. 🙂

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