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May 20, 2009 / allyo


Work has been unrelenting and so my every day in May pledge fell through the cracks. In fact, the entire month fell through the cracks. Did you know this coming Monday is Memorial Day?? I KNOW!!

However, I have a real, bona fide excuse for not posting yesterday and that is because I threw my laptop in the dogs’ water dish.

Mmmhmmm. Why, you say? Because for the first and last time when I put the laptop in its sleeve I didn’t zip it. I don’t know why. All I can think of is because it was really hot and I thought I’d let it cool off a little before zipping it? Anyway, between the hustling Jamie through his morning routine and looking for my earrings and letting the dogs out so Cory didn’t pee on the floor, I forgot that the sleeve wasn’t zipped. So I grabbed it, unfortunately by the side opposite the zipper, and flung the thing across the dining room right into the water dish.

Did I mention this is my work laptop? Thankfully my boss was able to see the humor in the situation and even more thankfully, after drying out for a day it’s working. Yay!

So, more later. Promise.


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  1. LittleWit / May 20 2009 2:26 pm

    I am glad your laptop is ok! Although that is quite the hilarious story 🙂

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