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April 19, 2009 / allyo

Mess, mess, I don’t care

A friend of mine has two boys that are 18 months apart. They’re 8 and 7 now. Back when they were toddlers and preschoolers she would always say, “They won’t remember that the house was always a mess but they will remember that Mommy always had time to play with them.” And she’s still really awesome about playing with them (and with Jamie), but her house now? Spotless.

I’ve been reminding myself of those words a lot lately because our house has been suffering a bit from inattention. The laundry is backed up, the floors need sweeping/mopping, and my daily quest to rediscover the dining room table bears mixed results. I would have skipped church this morning and eased my way into a day of cleaning but I was helping in children’s worship. Jamie’s crabby and tired, I’m tired, and so right now I’m going to make some popcorn. We’re watching Bolt for the second time since we got the dvd yesterday, and I’m going to climb right over the mess and sit with him on the couch while I cast on for a sweater sleeve. (What I’m not mentioning are the 2 loads of laundry and the running and unloading of the dishwasher that I did BEFORE church.) 😉

Nyah. The mess will be there forever. Sunday afternoons are priceless.


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  1. LittleWit / Apr 20 2009 8:30 am

    That sounds like an excellent Sunday afternoon! 🙂

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