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February 22, 2009 / allyo

Crazy days

I have been meaning to sit down here and write something for oh, 6 days or so. But things have been crazier than normal and earlier this week I couldn’t get my laptop to connect to our wireless internet to save my life. It does this every now and then. It’ll say it’s connect and the quality is very good, but when I try to get on, nada. Usually repairing the connection works but earlier this week it was random. Wouldn’t work at night, worked fine in the morning. And who has time to blog on their way out the door? Other than Dawn, I mean.

About the thing that was bothering me earlier, I think I am comfortable with saying that it had to do with me transitioning to a new position at work. The thing is, I’m ok with the transition. I like my new duties. After 9 years of doing the same thing at the same organization just in different capacities a change is more than welcome. The way it happened is what was bothering me. But now I’m good, just insanely busy at work, as I’m training someone on my old job, performing part of my old job, and taking on a big project that’s been languishing for about 4 months with no activity and it launches in…the second half of April. Yikes.

That’s work. Home is fine but Jamie and I are both feeling the effects of winter and lack of sunshine like lots of other people. You can spot them from the paleness of their skin and the circles under their eyes. I can’t seem to get enough sleep, or I’m interrupted by MD’s snoring, or Jamie wetting the bed 3 times this week (leaking through his pull up – I’m pretty sure because I moved his bedtime earlier again but we’re working through it) or the damn dogs…I got to sleep on the couch the other night with no interruptions in and it was heaven. Ahhh…

Tree update: It’s down. Here are pictures:




I almost drove past my house the day after it came down. It  looks very different both inside and out and while I think it looks hundreds of times better from the outside, I miss the view from the dining room table. Ah well.

And now I’ll leave you with a couple of little stories that I think exemplify just how nutty life seems to be these days.

STORY #1: We have a big white 50s style dresser that my grandma bought at a garage sale for $10 about 10 years ago. We finally have enough other furniture and I’ve finally pared down my clothing enough that we were ready to get rid of it at the beginning of the year. It turns out that our church has an apartment that a homeless woman recently moved into and I asked if she would like the dresser. The answer was yes, and then it took a few weeks to cooridinate getting it out of the house since MD can’t help move it.

But I got a call from my pastor Tuesday asking if we’d be home for someone to pick it up. The answer? Heck yeah. I was dying to get the thing out of our bedroom. So a man from church calls me at 6 and says he’ll be over at 7:30.  Jamie and I hustle through dinner so we can get him in and out of the tub before they come to get the dresser. At 7:10 I’m wrapping a towel around Jamie when the dogs go crazy and there’s a knock on the door. They’re early. So I tell Jamie to sit tight, run downstairs and step into a huge puddle of dog pee. I take the wet sock off my foot, and answer the door with one bare foot and a pee sock in my hand. “You’re early! I was just getting my son out of the tub and the dog peed on the floor so sorry about the chaos. The dresser’s up here…up here…up the stairs…go ahead and get started I have to check on my son.” Those ellipses indicate the man from church staring at me trying to figure out what the heck I was talking about. So I check on Jamie, throw his pjs at him, and run to our bedroom where the man is standing holding the one drawer that I forgot to clean and it’s my junk drawer. “Oh, sorry, forgot about that one. Don’t worry all the other drawers are clean. Here let me take that.” And I dump it on my bed. It’s a junk drawer so all kind of crap is spilling onto my bed and onto the floor. I frantically try to contain the mess and shove the drawer back at the man and go back to Jamie.

As they’re taking the dresser down the stairs the man slips and I thought he was going to fall all the way down. And the mirror is behind MD’s dresser which is a freaking mess, so the man and I are trying to move the dresser to get to the mirror, crap is falling off the dresser, the man’s son is trying to catch stuff…CHAOS. They finally get out of there, I manage to clean the pee up while they’re moving drawers out, and Jamie had a great time watching from his bedroom window as they secured everything in the truck and finally drove away. The whole endevor took 20 minutes but it sure was complicated.

STORY #2: Thursday night I’m trying to get Jamie into the bathtub and it’s going badly as usual and really? Why? Why is it so freaking difficult to take your clothes off and get into the tub? We do it several nights a week, you’d think it wouldn’t be an issue. But of course it is, and after 20 minutes I finally loose my temper. “Dammit Jamie, get in the tub NOW!” He’s in the tub, I’m trying to wash his hair, he won’t stand still and I’m pissed. Suddenly he looks and me and says, “Dammit mom, YOU are yelling and I am yelling but YOU are the most mad and so YOU need to settle down because do you want to have a bad night?” Let’s just say he didn’t see me laugh but I almost exploded keeping it in.

So that’s why I haven’t posted all week. And now I’m off to build a frickin’ train track downstairs in front of the garage door so MD and I can trip over it all week.



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  1. LittleWit / Feb 22 2009 12:02 pm

    Sounds hectic. I can understand almost driving by your house. I think if the front of my house changed that drastically it would surprise me as well. Have a great week. 🙂

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