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February 12, 2009 / allyo

Terrible 4

I don’t know if I ever mentioned what Jim’s schedule ended up being this quarter. He is working (ack) six days a week, Sunday through Friday. Nights. Jamie sees him on Saturdays and in the morning the other days. I see him a little more often than that, because most weeks he’s home by 9:00 two, sometimes three nights a week.

Jamie and I have been getting out on Sundays and having a good time. Last week we went to a local China Day Spring Festival, and he loved it. He was fascinated by the performances, played some fun games, got to pick out a prize, and we had a snack. This coming weekend we’re going to see Hansel & Gretel and then meet my extended family for pizza and birthday celebrations. But we still miss MD. And all it took was for me to take Jamie to daycare on Monday rather than MD for his anger at the situation to come spilling out. He was especially uncooperative that morning, and that evening was dreadful. Hitting, kicking, “I hate you!’ – just awful behavior. I tried to get him to talk about his feelings all night, but he wouldn’t admit to being upset (and in fact vehemently denied it) until bathtime, when he totally lost it. We sat in the rocking chair and snuggled and talked about why daddy has to work and we got through it, but he was the same way for MD the next morning.

I’ve been taking this Sunday school class at church on parenting techniques, and one of the things we’ve talked about is breaking bad habits. If you find yourself responding the same way in a situation with the same reaction, it’s time to shake it up a bit. The more unexpected, the better.  So Tuesday night we ran some fun errands and went to Wendy’s for dinner.  We never do anything but go home and eat and go to bed during the week so it was definitely a break in the routine.  We had a great time and talked some more about daddy’s schedule and he’s doing better for now.

I know a lot of this is his age and him trying to get a handle on his emotions. Saturday night he threw a monster tantrum that involved throwing a book at MD.  MD and I spent about 5 minutes giggling in the hallway outside his door as MD kept shoving the book back under the door only to have it come flying back out accompanyed by a shriek of rage.

But, with the not so fun things happening these days, I’ve been hanging on to life at home. And I guess he really hurt my feelings Monday night. I’ve got to grow a thicker skin. I’ve heard that kids can be ruthless.


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  1. LittleWit / Feb 13 2009 7:15 am

    It sounds like this work schedule is tough on all of you. Hugs!

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