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January 5, 2009 / allyo

Still thinking about Christmas cookies – yum!

So I only ended up making 2 batches of Christmas cookies this year, which is atypical. But they were two new recipes and we loved both of them.

First were these, made for a cookie exchange.

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

We made them the weekend before the exchange and then the day of I made the glaze and drizzled it while Jamie sprinkled on the candy canes.

Speaking of, proof of how much he likes candy canes.

Scooping them out of the bowl.

Not even trying to hide the evidence!

These were good. Really good. The chocolate cookies were incredibly rich and the only peppermint flavor came from the glaze. The flavor was well balanced and we added crushed candy canes for some extra flavor and texture. I had to hide the few we had leftover.

And no matter what, we have to do cutouts. I have been searching for the perfect cut out recipe for some time and finally this year I realized I wanted a recipe for the really thick, cakey cut outs that are so popular with bakeries these days. Googling “thick cut out cookies” yielded some choices and we tried these. I baked them the Tuesday before Christmas and we decorated them Christmas Eve in the afternoon, and at first I was all “eh.” But then two days after Christmas the icing and the cookie had mellowed together and yum! They’re all gone now and it’s a miracle that my pants still fit.  I think we’ll do cut outs for every holiday here on out like we used to when I was a child, now that I have a recipe that I like.

Thick cut outs

I baked them for the full 10 minutes as 8 wasn’t long enough, and I think that affected the flavor out of the oven negatively. Next time I’ll try 9 minutes, as they were a little brown and needed a few days to soften up.

I let Jamie go to town on these and there were sprinkles EVERYWHERE. And as you can see I didn’t even tint the icing. This was definitely low maintenance baking at its laziest.


We did a half recipe and I think I barely had enough icing. And since the ones that tasted best a few days later where the ones that had the most icing I would recommend making extra. I will say that the half recipe made exactly 3 dozen, what it should have according to the directions. That’s rare for me.

Now, speaking of baking, I am making a dessert to take to a friend’s house for dinner on Saturday. I want something rich and chocolatey. No nuts. Any suggestions?


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  1. LittleWit / Jan 5 2009 1:19 pm

    OOOOO. Seriously make the Mandy’s Chocolate Cake from Martha Stewart living or whatever the website is. I just made it for my family’s Christmas and everyone liked it, including me who doesn’t like chocolate cake. We have extras of the random ingredients (instant espresso, golden syrup) so I will be more than happy to toss them your way to make the cake with. 🙂

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