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December 24, 2008 / allyo

Doing less

It’s Christmas Eve morning and I’m feeling like today’s to-do list is of manageable proportions. Not because I’ve been going flat out to get everything done, but because I’ve let go of a lot of things this year. Like Christmas cards and baking 10 different kinds of cookies – two things that I really enjoy but just didn’t get done this year. Even small things, like not using our Christmas china for dinner tonight, have made things more doable. Dinner will be an informal affair anyway, consisting of sandwiches and snacks after the Christmas pageant. Still, we’ll have over a dozen of MD’s family here and we’ll be getting home from the pageant at Jamie’s bedtime, and I think that’s enough stress packed into one evening. Not to mention wondering if Jamie’s going to manage to sit on the stage the entire pageant, and wondering if he should have sat out the pageant entirely this year.  But at this point I think it’s best to take the long view, and recognize that while I sometimes FEEL like I’m about 87 years old, we have years and years of cards and Christmas dinners and pageants ahead of us. It’s great the perspective that having a child can give you. This is Jamie’s fifth Christmas and we have decades ahead of us.

I’ve knitted and sewn some great presents, and just have a little finishing up to do today. MD isn’t getting his fair isle skull and crossbones wrist warmers tomorrow, but he’ll have them in time for Epiphany. This isn’t the best Christmas ever – in fact, I just lost and regained about 5 years of my life earlier this morning when it looked like MD wasn’t going to get an unemployment check this week. But the glitch has been resolved and it will be deposited on Friday. Thank goodness for computers and that the people at ODJFS have been so helpful and kind, and that someone is working on Christmas Eve.

Have a wonderfully Merry, Happy, and Safe holiday.


So sayeth the red cow. And if you don’t, well, his tail doubles as a light saber. I’d watch out.



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  1. MystikMomma / Dec 24 2008 9:59 am

    Focusing on what is important is the best idea for any holiday I think. I remember when I was working, the holiday was a fast moving vehicle that I was trying to maneuver. I got really cranky and barked out orders. That happened one year as I wanted everything perfect, ironed linens, etc etc. After that year, I realized that I needed to tone it down and be pleasant. So that has been my driver, being pleasant. I still like all the little perks and ironed linens, but, I start doing these things really early, or I schedule it or I let it go if it isn’t going to get done. The awesome thing is that letting it go, doesn’t feel like a sin anymore. It just it and we still eat, love, and enjoy. Nice letting go of the pressures. We do what we can and focus on enjoying ourselves a bit more in the process.


  2. LittleWit / Dec 28 2008 10:51 pm

    Merry Christmas!

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