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December 2, 2008 / allyo

Vying for title of Crazy Aunt Ally, who always insists on homemade gifts

Holiday gift-making is in full swing here and I got a head start with gifts for our niece and nephew, who visit for Thanksgiving every year. We’ve gotten in the nice habit of having Christmas on Thanksgiving, and for our princess M, I made this:


Instructions can be found here. I didn’t think the ribbon would stay tied very well but it did, and while I don’t think she’s slept in it yet, I feel good about it holding up. It was both easy and difficult to sew, and the next time I make it I will sew the tulle together in a long strip first. Oh, and Amy over at Angry Chicken is a fabric whisperer – don’t believe her when she says to just bunch it up as you sew. I ended up pleating and pinning and it was MUCH faster than bunching and ripping…and bunching and ripping. I need to ask her dad if it’s ok to post a picture of her wearing it, but hopefully I’ll be able to show you her sweet, smiling face in the next post.

And then for our nephew T for his birthday (Dec. 23rd but I try to avoid shipping things at all cost), I made a pokeball hat. I was in such a rush to snatch the thing out of the dryer and shove it a gift bag that I forgot to take a picture of the final product. However, I know my BIL did, so when he uploads his pictures to Flickr (whistles innocently) I’ll have one up. The hat was big and in fact the last I saw it it was on said BIL’s head where it fit perfectly but apparently T did wear it to school on Monday and it was a huge hit. So score one for the crazy aunt!

And just let me take this opportunity to say how much I adore those two kids. They are a joy to be around. T is like a mother hen –  bossy and loving and treats his littler cousin so well. When we were in Nashville over Labor Day weekend Jamie was determined to sleep in T’s room. The first night didn’t work out, but T was patient and the next night let Jamie keep him up way past his bedtime until they both finally fell asleep. And M – she’s a princess and a soccer player and if I had a daughter I’d want her to be just like M. Both of them are an absolute delight. Sniff.  We miss them.

(Their parents aren’t bad either!)

(Although come to think of it M’s pretty bossy too. Hmmm…)

(Ok, cute anectdote – after Thanksgiving dinner both my BIL and I overheard M and Jamie and BIL asked me if she was bossing Jamie around and I said yep and he said, well he’d better get used to it and I said, the natural order of the universe has been restored.)

The end.


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  1. LittleWit / Dec 2 2008 5:00 pm

    It looks great! I am also going to turn into the crazy aunt who’s always making stuff. 😉

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