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November 24, 2008 / allyo

Hey there, I missed you

So, did I mention that my personal laptop died a couple of months ago? The Apple store genius concluded that it was most likely the motherboard, and then gave me a series of tips that he was totally not advocating or even suggesting, but if he were to suggest, this is what he’d do – get a hard drive case, pull the data, sell the spare parts on sale for ebay, and buy a new laptop. I had been poking around anyway and knew that I could exactly replace my existing laptop for about $300, or upgrade to a combo drive for another $400. It’s 4 years old and a little slow, and a new motherboard would be $300 anyway, so I left with my doorstop tucked under my arm, and the most action it’s seen since then was to weigh down a hamburger bun while the glue dried. I have a hard time getting to those type of things. I think the technical diagnoses is laziness?

I thought I was safe data-wise with an external hard drive and all, only to find out that every time since last december when I thought I was overwriting my files with new data? I totally wasn’t. Ok, well, all my pictures worth anything are on flickr, and there’s always my work laptop, which has my music library. Or most of it.

And of course, my work laptop died suddenly last week. The hard drive. Died. To be specific. And now it’s back all shiny and data free and I miss my data. I didn’t want to blog from my work loaner because with my luck I would have left my info on it and then the next person to sign it out would be privvy to things I didn’t want them privvy too. So I was missing blogging too.

But now I have blogging back. And hopefully soon I’ll have some of my data as well. Keep your fingers crossed for me and sigh at my stupidity while you’re at it.


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  1. LittleWit / Nov 24 2008 2:49 pm

    That’s the pits. The boy’s computer fried and one of these days I need to spend a few hours with it fixing it. But for the time being he just steals mine.

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