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November 11, 2008 / allyo

The cheeseburger stands alone

Through some cruel trick of scheduling, MD’s work schedule was changed to 2nd shift last week. And he’s working 6 days a week, with a 12 hour shift on Sunday. So the same week we lost daylight, I lost my adult backup. Totally not fair! (We just keep reminding ourselves of the overtime pay.)

I’ve been so consumed with election stuff that I never posted pictures from Halloween, so here are a couple of totally anti-climactic shots of Jamie in his cheeseburger costume.

At daycare’s fall festival:

Cheeseburger descends

This resulted in the best line ever, “[classmate], quit touching my buns!”

And beggar’s night:


I don’t think I’ve talked about the cheeseburger costume here, but we were scouting out potential costumes at the mall that week that the power was out at daycare all week, and he fell IN LOVE with a cheeseburger costume at a certain upscale kids’ furniture/toy/costume shop type place, which was retailing for $90. A FIT had started to be pitched over the costume but I promised I’d make one myself. (You’ll sew one up for me mommy? he asked, which totally melted me.)

I ordered way too much felt so I could have spent 1/2 what I did, making the total price around $10-$15 in new material, plus some batting, polyfil, and fabric glue I had lying around. We did have to buy more polyfil and fabric glue but eh, that was going to happen at some point anyway. It survived a pummeling by some classmates at the daycare festival, the daycare parade and beggars night so I am satisfied. I ended up ignorning my own damn measurements so the shoulder straps were too far apart. All in all, it turned out well.

Incidentally, I sewed this on my new sewing machine, courtesy of my MIL. One saturday in August, I think a week before C died, I took a Saturday off from all that to tool around with my MIL and Jamie. We hit every craft, fabric, and yarn store we could manage in the next neighborhood over and still didn’t make it to all of them, which is awesome now that I think of it. (For locals, a new yarn store is opening this month too – wow!) Our last stop was at the Bernina store where we picked up her fancy, schmancy machine which was in the shop for its annual tune up. And we so casually wandered next door to the little Singer repair shop, and she so casually bought me a Bernette machine of my own. (Starter machine made by Bernina.) It was a complete surprise and was so very welcome at a time in which I was feeling particularly orphan Annie-like – very vulnerable and alone. It made me feel cared for and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sit down at the machine without feeling a smidgen of warmth resulting from her generosity.



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  1. American Family / Nov 11 2008 9:28 pm

    That is so adorable!

  2. dawn / Nov 11 2008 9:41 pm

    That’s AMAZING!! You are brilliant!!! And yes, over-time is a mixed blessing but more blessing than mixed towards the holidays. (Brett’s been working ten hour days and Saturdays then going to my mom’s on Sundays to paint.)

  3. LittleWit / Nov 12 2008 9:00 am

    That is absolutely wonderful. I also rather adore his costume, well done. šŸ™‚


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