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November 3, 2008 / allyo


I’ve got the pre-election day fidgets. I don’t know if it’s living in Ohio or what, but I don’t want to dare get my hopes up that Obama will actually win tomorrow. (If I could whisper that win, I would – as it is, I’m knocking on wood.)

The stakes are high, so very high.

After I put Jamie to bed tonight I am going to drink a beer and veg out in front of the tv and just try and relax. I never made it to early voting because the wait times got too, too long (3-6 hours on Sunday). But my polling place is at the end of my street. I plan to roll out of bed, grab a to-go cup of coffee and a sandwich, and walk down as the doors open at 6:30. MD was finally switched to evenings this week (sigh) so he doesn’t have to be at work until 1. I don’t think he was able to vote in 2004 because of the wait times. Fortunately our household will be fully represented this year. Thanks to our indefagitable Secretary of State, all polling locations are to have paper ballots on hand to help ease the wait times – and to have a backup in case the machines go down.  I am volunteering with the campaign tomorrow afternoon but after hearing from a few friends about how tired they are of receiving phone calls, I’m a little nervous. I wonder if they’ll have us knocking on doors or calling in the afternoon? I canvassed Saturday morning and kind of enjoyed it, but I know there’s some real election fatigue out there. Do you think they’d miss me if I just went home and watched CNN?

Yeah, I guess so.



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  1. Kelly / Nov 3 2008 5:23 pm

    tomorrow you will only be calling confirmed supporters to see if they need any help getting to the polls. Other volunteers will be running supplies (food, coffee, etc.) to polling locations with long lines. You’ll have fun — it won’t be cold calling undecided voters!

  2. caro / Nov 3 2008 5:24 pm

    I’m with you on the fidgety. Deep breaths … deep breaths….

  3. Kelly / Nov 3 2008 5:26 pm

    Also, Matthew Broderick wants you to take the day off!

  4. MystikMomma / Nov 3 2008 8:08 pm

    Yes there are high levels of anxiety here too. Imagine what it is like in Florida, much like Ohio. Luckily, hubbie and I voted via absentee for Medina County, Ohio and we had our ballots in a long time ago. Now I just hope there is no issue with the absentee ballots.

    Truly, we need change. I pray that the best ticket wins and our country can rebuild its strength.

    Prayers, fingers crossed, wood knocked, salt over the shoulder, Phtew phtew… etc etc.

  5. LittleWit / Nov 4 2008 11:35 am

    So that’s why they had paper ballots in addition to the 10 electronic booths at my polling place. I was sad that there wasn’t a bake sale. 😦 I just don’t handle losing too well and voting makes me anxious because I Want those that I voted for and the issues that I support to pass. I guess I will find out tomorrow. Or tonight if we change the channel to local news.

  6. Jody / Nov 6 2008 8:36 am

    Thank you OHIO!

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