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September 17, 2008 / allyo

Different day, different crisis

So, many people in Columbus still don’t have power, and my heart goes out to them. Especially my program coordinator who is at home with a one week baby. However, I have moved on to a different crisis, which is, I have power at work, MD has power at work, but daycare doesn’t. And I am so damned busy at work (see, employee out on maternity leave) that my best case scenario at the moment is working as much as possible this week, and then going in all weekend, and maybe being caught up on my coordinator’s duties on Monday.

Here is our problem, and the problem that is a major symptom of how the middle/working class is being fucked in the rear on a daily basis in this country of ours. I am the breadwinner – I pay the mortgage and all the bills, and I carry the insurance. However, MD pays for daycare and groceries and any extras we might be able to squeeze in and since he has no interest in staying at home (OH THE IRONY), we can only pay for those essential things if he is physically at work. Because his job is hourly, with zero benefits. So while we split the days as best we can, I almost always take the lion’s share of time off when Jamie is sick, or daycare is closed. And when I’m in a crunch like I am now, I have to make it up somehow. Right now that means working every waking minute, unless I’m actually paying attention to my kid, like I did for several hours this afternoon (GASP).

I’m whining, I know, but I am mostly whining about how the American dream has been twisted and perverted by the rich folks and the big businesses and the Republicans. Mostly. And a little about how I don’t have time to knit or read or cook right now, even though I have the electricity to do it in. Yeah, poor me. [insert eyeroll here] Oh, and how the grocery budget is fucked for the next couple of weeks, because of course we have to pay for daycare even though we’re not using it this week. I hope to heck that means our wonderful teachers are getting paid as well. Sigh.



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  1. MystikMomma / Sep 18 2008 9:19 am

    Yes I am peeved to the max with our government, its policies and lack of general concern for the majority of people in this country! I am sick and tired of seeing Palin and McCain tout their smiling faces and poke fun at Obama. As a woman, I am outraged that she thinks equality for women is already here…. did she have a temporary leave of her hearing when McCain publicly announced in Youngstown earlier this year that women should go and educate themselves if they want equal pay! DAMN him, I am more educated than most men and I never was paid more for that education/experience, then those men I SUPERVISED! They each made at least 10K more than I.

    No the hard working people of this nation are down right fools if they vote for McCain and Palin. They only are going to serve themselves after all this is the philosophy of the Republican party,, stimulate the wealthy so the pennies can fall to the ground at the poor. I am having an OUTRAGEOUS WEEK! See my blog on HFCS! I also email Senator Sherrod Brown this morning on the fact our food supply sucks and again it is the lower side of the economic food chain that pays the price. OUTRAGE!

  2. Gloria / Sep 19 2008 11:36 am

    Hi! I’ve read your blog via links from Dawn’s blog (I was in her now-defunct writer’s group). I’m suspecting your son goes to NBCC, because that’s where my son goes and it’s been closed all week, and I feel your pain having to go to work with the daycare not being open for the week. Luckily for me, the person who provides child care for my daughter in her home had the space to take in my son, but it stinks to have to pay double child care bills. Anyways, I was just having a “small world” moment reading your blog, so I thought I’d leave a comment.

  3. dillymae / Sep 26 2008 10:33 pm

    Oh I hear you… I really hear you… my budget is forked too. I also pay the mortgage and the car payment, utilities. My husband works and pays the childcare bill and affords us food and about $200 bucks a week for gas as we both have to commute. Its lovely. I have a decent job, but I am still playing catch up after my husband took a year off to stay home with our two year old son. At the time we just couldnt afford daycare. I know what its like to work 18 hour days with a freshly postpartum body. I wonder what its like to have seven kitchens… more than likely stocked full of expensive foods or to spend more in hairspray or bear rugs then I spend on my mortgage.

    On Palin, in the words of Pam Anderson… “SHE CAN SUCK IT!”

    ( Oh btw I hit your blog off One Wierd Mother, hope you dont mind the intrusion )

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