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September 15, 2008 / allyo

See ya, Ike. – UPDATED

Don’t let the door hit you on your ass on the way out of town.

The first sign that this wasn’t going to be a typical Sunday afternoon was the mention of “wind advisory” on the radio, but MD and Jamie and I were running errands and it barely registered. A couple of hours later I left the house again, alone this time, to run to the library and the yarn store and to grab a few precious moments ALONE.

It was, uh, really windy. And lots of traffic lights were out. And lots of fire engines and ambulances were whizzing around. Still, I was out, and the library is a 10 minute drive away, so I pressed onward. Their power was out as well, but they were checking people out manually. Then on to the yarn store. Power on, yay! Just as I made it up to the register, the power went out and the computer started beeping, but they were able to ring me up anyway. Awesome!

Not so awesome was losing power over the dinner table. Thankfully, MD has a, uh, thing (fetish, almost) for flashlights and we have plenty. I put Jamie to bed and MD and I read and knitted and listed to the radio by flashlight.

Over 1 million people in Ohio woke up without power today. A neighbor’s tree lost a branch that landed on our fence. It was surreal driving around, knowing how much damage had happened yesterday, and yet it was warm and sunny out this afternoon. This morning we took our food to my dad’s, along with some wet and critical laundry. After a few hours, we left, separately. MD went by the hardware store to see if they had batteries (of course not, at 2 in the afternoon, but an emergency shipment was due in the morning). We made plans over cell phone on what our next steps would be if it was going to be later than tomorrow before our electricity came back. And then, when we got home, the lights were on. We both did double-takes, and laughed, and were very, very thankful.

I still have to go back to my dad’s to get our food, but we’ve done some work in the front yard cleaning up debris and I keep thinking of how much worse this could be. The one really bad thing that happened ended up not being a big deal. At about midnight last night, Jamie, in his confusion from waking up to pitch black, made a wrong turn coming out of his bedroom – something I have always feared – and took a tumble down the stairs. It scared the shit out of all three of us – I will admit that I did not retain my composure – but he was fine. Not a scratch, or a bruise.

My prayers are with everyone who is dealing with more than an inconvenience. As we watched our big old pine tree bend and sway in the “hurricane-force gales” yesterday, I couldn’t help but imagine pouring rain accompanying it, or the storm lasting longer than a few hours. I know we are in the minority in central Ohio with having our power back on – fingers crossed over here that all is returned to normal soon.

UPDATE: Winds here reached 75 mph – equal to a Cat 1 hurricane. I’ve decided that I like being landlocked after all.



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  1. MystikMomma / Sep 15 2008 7:35 pm

    And here I thought I was in the “hot” zone!


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