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September 11, 2008 / allyo


  • My program coordinator had her baby early and she and he are both fine and yay! But holy hell, we had a deadline last week and now I have two full-time jobs to do. ACK!
  • MD’s job SUCKS and he works so many hours he barely has time to look for another one and he’s going to have to work tonight the ONE GODDAM night a week he is usually home and not only is Jamie veryveryvery sad that Daddy is gone so much, MD is going to miss family night at daycare and all the kids reading their favorite books in their jammies. ACK!
  • The laptop died and (see below) I’m not up to getting it fixed right now which means MD’s main way of job hunting – taking the laptop to work – isn’t available. ACK!
  • We’re broke. As always. ACK!
  • Our anniversary/Jamie’s birthday/my birthday/my dad’s birthday/Christmas which is also my sister’s birthday are all around the corner and have I mentioned we are BROKE? ACK!
  • My blood sugar’s been seesawing a lot lately and I just had a big ole piece of leftover birthday cake to try and get myself through the last couple of hours of the day and instead I’m shaky and about to crash and did I mention I have to face one very disappointed child in an hour and a half? ACK!
  • I’ve gained freaking weight since the spring (see above) and all my super fabulous summer outfits are all a little snug and my arms are getting bigger and holy crap, I’m going to be 38 next month. That’s practically middle-aged. ACK!
  • I could go on but this is getting pathetic – feel free to play along in the comments!


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  1. Kelly / Sep 11 2008 3:43 pm

    That’s a lot of ACK! I will add only a minor and completely self-centered comment. Don’t ACK about 38 until you are staring down the barrel at 40. That is all.

  2. FriendD / Sep 11 2008 4:25 pm

    Or conversely you could ACK if you are already 40 and so far the only bit of enlightment you’ve gained from that milestone is that you are too old to wear cheap underwear!

  3. MystikMomma / Sep 11 2008 8:37 pm

    Or that when you look in the mirror, all the new hair growth is totally white, what happened to going gray first!

    How about a daddy that is out to work before the children wake up and home after they go to sleep days in a row?


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