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September 9, 2008 / allyo

Small list

So, enough about the big stuff that’s been happening. Here are some small things:

  • Our vegetable garden is not doing well this year. That’s partly my fault since I went about 4 weeks without weeding in July/August, but it’s mostly Cory’s fault, as he’s been squeezing himself through the wire fencing to stomp the squash & cucumbers into oblivion and eat the herbs. And the other day MD caught him with a big ole green tomato in his mouth. If he wasn’t almost 13 years old, I think I’d have to kill him.
  • On the other hand, except for the barking – how dare people walk down our street or *gasp* stop by for a visit – Maggie has become the sweetest, calmest dog. (Unless you touch her back legs when she’s asleep). So sweet in fact that I’m going to sign her up for pet ministry training next year at church to see if she’s a good candidate to visit sick folks.
  • Jamie and I were home together for an entire week recently (when this post was written), and I already miss it. Interesting – unlike normal, I never felt like I was dying for alone time, but like normal, I hated bedtime.
  • We also went to the park that week with some friends, and I took a few pictures.




  • He was also “off” the week before, as we took two weeks off school/daycare to transition between our old one and our new one, and spent a couple of days at home with my sister, a day with my aunt, and a day with my Friend D and her kids. Here’s a great photo from their visit to the Franklin Park Conservatory. Jamie looks perfectly impish.


  • We also went to Nashville over Labor Day weekend. I didn’t take any pictures except for one of Jamie and his cousin playing monster on the couch, which is stuck on our laptop that mysteriously stopped working while we were down there. Hopefully my BIL will upload his soon. *cough*
  • Speaking of Jamie’s new daycare, he loves it. So do we. And he came home last night all jazzed about paint. “Paint is art! Did you know that? Do we have pictures with paint? Where are my paints? I want to paint!” One of my biggest problems with the old place was their approach to art. Very heavy on pre-cut shapes used to assemble an endless parade of animals, lots of handprint art, and the occasional free use of paint. Finally, he’s excited about actual materials. And we have a family night this week. We take the kids over in their pjs and we read books together. And they have parent dinners so we can all get to know each other. And they send us weekly emails. And, and, and, LOVE it! Oh, and he’s in Henry’s room, which made the transition oh so easy.
  • This Sunday on the way to church Jamie begged to stay with us instead of being with “the babies.” Some of his older buddies are transitioning to regular service/children’s church and he’s feeling lonely. So we agreed to try. They only have to last about 15 minutes before leaving for children’s church and actually, he did very well. Just like that.

And just like that, I’m done. I never know how to end these posts well!



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  1. MystikMomma / Sep 9 2008 9:59 am

    Yes, after endings are beginnings and life happens. Abracio!

  2. BIL / Sep 14 2008 9:51 pm

    *cough* Photos are uploaded 🙂


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