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August 26, 2008 / allyo


I had this big ole rant brewing about boys’ clothes and how they suck as they get older – basically, soulless, corporate, navy/black/khaki/some red if you’re lucky and stripes/monster trucks/other stereotypical/commercial boy elements for embellishment – and how Target, already notorious for dividing all their toy ads into boy/girl themes, has now made all its previously hella-cool kitchen stuff fucking PINK – yeah, plates, kitchen, all of it, and the only dress-up options are character pjs, and the reason why I’m knitting socks is because Jamie has declared he is ONLY wearing socks with STRIPES or PICTURES, no PLAIN, from here on out and how this makes me die a little inside as we argue every single night over the fact that all the approved socks are dirty and yes, we have white and grey to choose from tonight sorry,


I’ll write that yet, but for now, if you have a boy who likes a little flair to his footwear, check out this site. If you’re like me, you’ll a) gasp, b) giggle while you clickity-click-click, and c) grab your credit card. I ordered six pairs, I’ll let you know the verdict when they arrive. If the reduce the night time drama by even, say, 25%, it’ll be the best $30 I ever spent.



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  1. MystikMomma / Aug 26 2008 10:32 pm

    I agree totally on the boy clothing situation! This is why I am so biased and love European Clothing options for boys. There are a couple of online places and of course if ever in New York, must go to Daffy’s. But then you pay through the nose for the high quality fabric and nice designs. Ugh… I am trying to only buy a couple of key items instead of a ton of stuff. It is hard, but a challenge I know.

  2. whylime / Aug 26 2008 10:44 pm

    Thank you for that site! Woooooo!

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