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June 25, 2008 / allyo

Thank you

Thanks for the caring comments you guys. And I had to giggle as two of you also slid commentsinto completely unrelated conversations, either in person or via im/email about me getting time away to relaxwhether it be for one night or a vacation. But in all seriousness, I am very lucky to have such good friends.

I stopped by the hospital last night and had a nice chat with my grandma o. Gave her the run down on my trip to Philly and shared Jamie’s excitement at being at the airport and seeing the planes.* My dad was there and he is taking this hard, but he always does have the most trouble out of all of us. I’ll never forget my grandpa o’s funeral. We went to the cemetery afterwards for the internment and my dad couldn’t leave. We sat in the car waiting for him as he went back one last time, my stepmom murmuring, “[Dad], don’t. Please, don’t.”

Anyway, the crazy thing is, she has no symptoms. None. This was found because of something that may or may not be related but apparently the ER doctor who looked at the cat scan told her he’d never believe those were her scans if someone else had told him so. I just realized they were supposed to have a meeting with the oncologist today at 1 and no one called me for an update. She’s determined to leave for Florida on Sunday and last I heard, the doctors were going to try and make that happen. So my 88 year old grandma has cancer throughout her body, and her first thought is getting to florida. Sounds about right. As Mystik Mama said, I have been blessed with two amazing grandmothers who rose above childhood sorrow to live long, full lives. And the prevailing opinion in the family seems to be one of support for her choice of no intervention, so hopefully we’ll manage this in full solidarity with a minimum of drama.

*I am tired and have a long couple of days ahead of me at work, but I just have to tell you about Jamie’s trip to the airport. We didn’t know if he and MD would be able to pick me up as planned as we ended up sitting on the tarmac for two hours. But we squeaked in at the last possible minute, so when I came out of the security gate, they were parked under a big sculpture and apparently Jamie was plotting how to get through security to make it onto the concourse where he could see the planes landing and taking off. Not to see his mom, mind you. The planes.

So after the hugging and kissing and getting of luggage, I was determined that we not leave without him seeing some damn planes. I begged MD to go to the roof of the parking garage. He grumbled because it was late but then made us walk all over the roof to get the best view of the planes landing. Jamie squealed with excitement. He could hardly contain himself. And since it was, what, two days after summer solstice there was still enough light in the sky that we could see the planes clearly as they passed us, but dark enough that all the lights shone brightly and clearly. The air was cool and fresh and it started to rain as we got back into the car, a perfect antidote to the heat and grit of downtown Philadelphia. It was one of my best returns home ever.


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