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June 11, 2008 / allyo


There’s a lot of talk online and in real life about racism. And a lot of people – white liberals among them – who have been surprised and dismayed by their feelings of racism that have been brought out by the current presidential race.

Thing is, we all fear the other. The unknown. The different. And this is how colorblindness has failed us. If we can pretend that we’re all the same color, then we don’t have to acknowledge that there are social norms other than ours. We can be outraged at a black preacher’s statements without considering that black churches might have their own style of preaching that is uncomfortable for us. Or that maybe black – or asian, or native, or latino – communities can have a dialogue about issues that completely leaves us – the white majority – out. That may actually cast us in a negative light or worse, may not consider us at all.

In many cases, it’s the easy way out, this colorblindness. It allows us to apply our lens of white privilege to the entire world. But we can’t ever be equal if we don’t first embrace our differences.


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  1. dawn / Jun 11 2008 2:22 pm

    Excellent post! I just shared this on my feedreader. đŸ™‚

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