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May 29, 2008 / allyo

Oh yeah, she sews!

A little bit. It only took me…NINE MONTHS to make this. It started out as a birthday present. For Jamie’s third birthday. Last October. Then it was going to be for Christmas, then Valentine’s Day, then I gave up and figured I’d get it done eventually.

Puppy towel

Thank GOODNESS it’s really big.

Puppy towel2

We’ve entered into full cheesy fake grin whenever the camera is on territory. Seriously, he was practically squealing with delight even though you don’t see it in these pictures.

It’s McCall’s M4503 which, huh, is now out of print. I think I bought it about 3 years ago. As much as this made me crazy, it’s only my very thin wallet and the fact that it’s really too big is keeping me from buying some of the super cute terry cloth at superbuzzy. This was on sale from either JoAnne’s or, and it’s a little thin and snags easily.

Stepping away from the computer now…


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