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May 28, 2008 / allyo


  • A couple of weeks ago I ran out to grab some Taco Bell for dinner (don’t judge me! :)) and when I came back, MD had coached Jamie to ask me if I had “run for the border.” Now when he’s leaving the house he’ll tell MD or I – whoever is staying home – “Have fun running for the border!”
  • At Madison’s house the other day he sat down with a pad and pencil and said, “Let’s make a list.” He’s been paying attention – that’s what we do before leaving the house most Saturdays and Sundays.
  • He’s doing that great thing where every past tense has an “ed” on the end, even if it’s not necessary. Like, “read-ed” or “played-ed” or “ate-ed.” I think it’s hysterical that he’s adding it to words that are already past tense.
  • He’s learning to ask for help. Yes, many times he’ll get frustrated and yell if I don’t understand what he’s saying or doing, but he’ll also try to say something, hesitate, and ask, “Can you show me?” or “Can you tell me?” Or he’ll describe what he’s trying to say or talk about and ask for help. Totally awesome.
  • He’s really into hide and seek, Jamie style, where you tell him where you’re hiding before he starts to count. His favorite hiding place is under something – usually the blankets on our beds, but at my aunt’s house the other day he buried himself under her couch cushions and was surprisingly well-hidden for once.
  • I think this may be my favorite: for awhile now he’s talked about how one day MD or I will be little and he’ll be big and he’ll take care of us. This morning he talked about how when I’m little and he’s big he’ll buckle me into my car seat and that’s so I’ll be safe.
  • All past events took place “last night.” “But that’s how, it happened last night!” Even that time he went to the apple forest with M and L (Friend D’s kids) when he was TWO! He just brought that up this morning!
  • He talks about how his two “buildings” are “church and school. And church is my big building and school is my little building.”

I gotta stop – I’ve already updated this twice!


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  1. FriendD / May 28 2008 1:54 pm

    omg, an apple forest, how sweet, lets go again!

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