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May 19, 2008 / allyo



A few weeks ago I opened the fridge and saw two of these eggs looking at me. I didn’t think to take a picture until I had eaten one, so here you have cyclops egg. MD said they looked like eyes to him when he popped them in the fridge, and I love that he then stopped what he was doing long enough to scribble irises on them. It’s this sense of humor that’s been missing from my guy for so long because of stress and pain.

So, knee surgery tomorrow. Years ago MD tore his patellar tendon. The doctor was thisclose to recommending surgery, but decided to try therapy first and after weeks and weeks of therapy and MD wishing that he had just gone ahead and asked for surgery, he seemed to be better. But apparently the tendon never properly healed and so for the past couple of months he’s had knee pain on top of his normal hip pain. So tomorrow he’s having outpatient surgery to clean out the knee and promote blood flow for healing.

Now, he will still need two hip replacements eventually, but our hope is this will make a significant difference in his day to day life. Just pray for all of us that we survive the next week because he’s like most men (ahem) in that being confined to the couch? Not his forte.


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  1. caro / May 19 2008 9:17 pm

    Ha! Glad I am not the only one posting photos from the fridge this week.

    Sorry to hear about the knee surgery…hope it goes well.

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