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May 14, 2008 / allyo

Mother’s Day

We had such a great mother’s day. Never mind that MD’s having surgery on his knee next week, or that our water heater died Saturday evening, or that we’re so freaking broke (again) that I’m cashing out my retirement (again) to help right the ship (again). I still felt like the luckiest person in the world, and it started on Friday when I received this:


and this:


Both made by Jamie at daycare. The drawing is on the inside of my card, and I am so impressed by his drawings skill! That’s me on the left, MD in the middle, and Jamie rocking the two-toned outfit on the right.

The weekend kept getting better. We went to the zoo on Saturday and Jamie had his first merry-go-round ride:

And we rode the little train! MD’s aunt is working at the zoo right now and gave us a ride card so we have 15 free rides to enjoy. Next time we’ll do the boat.

Then on Sunday MD and Jamie let me sleep in and when I woke up I was presented with two lovely cards and earrings. MD made them with some help from Jamie. Then we went to a favorite restaurant for brunch with my family, and afterwards MD’s stepdad and uncle came over and spent the afternoon installing the new water heater. And I went to the grocery store by myself while they did so. A perfect way to top off the day. Isn’t it silly how going to the grocery store is a treat?? But seriously, it was a great day. A great weekend. My job may be giving me fits, money may suck, but I’m still very, very lucky.


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  1. dawn / May 14 2008 7:30 pm

    LOVE the art! And his knee??? He has bad knees, too? Life is NOT fair.

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