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May 6, 2008 / allyo


Yesterday SUCKED. It sucked in the morning and it sucked at work. It sucked so hard that I left a little early, citing an early morning meeting today as my excuse.

But really, I needed to get out of there before I exploded, and I really needed to hang out with my kid. Thankfully, the “good” Jamie was “in” yesterday and we had an awesome evening. We ate dessert – popcorn – outside, while he sat in my lap and we talked about what shape each corn was. (There were a lot of octopi/flowers, and um, squid. Everything non-octopus was a squid.)

I kept laying my head on his little back, so thankful for his weight on my lap and his light in my life.

Then we played monster trucks in the sand. I wanted to crash but he just wanted to race – and somehow, he “won” every time. Hmmm…

Then bath and bed and I collapsed on the couch, drank two glasses of wine, and folded laundry. My brain was too tired to KNIT even. I was so jacked up from the day that later, lying in bed, I had to put earplugs in to drown out the hum of what, the cable box? Something to do with the tv in our room. Anyway, all those little noises – electronic hums, dogs snoring, etc. – felt like fingernails on a chalkboard so I put in earplugs, lay flat on my back, and breathed deeply until finally I passed out. To dream about funky ass shit all night long.

MD’s home tonight thankfully. Here’s to another pleasant evening. And more wine.

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  1. whylime / May 7 2008 10:20 pm

    just hang in there, sport! I love the description of you hanging with your kid, talking about popcorn. Those really are the best moments in parenting- the times when you get to be real with someone, and you know they’re being real right back atcha. I had a similar moment with the lentil recently and I remember thinking that all the ages are so fleeting, but hopefully I can have moments like that with my kid for the rest of our lives together.

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