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April 28, 2008 / allyo

For your watching and reading pleasure

Rev. Wright on Bill Moyers.
Watching this one of the things that struck me the most was the proof that race still matters in daily life. That’s not news to me, but it’s something that many people would like to sweep under the rug. We want to pretend that we’re all truly equal and that race and class don’t affect circumstances. That we all have equal access to the American Dream.

It also reminds me that people of color often scare us white folk. That one I can’t deny, unfortunately. We all make tons of internal assumptions based on race, gender, accent, you name it. I think the interview does a good job of making scary words – “black liberation” for example – less scary and downright reasonable. Having things in context makes all the difference sometimes. I just wish more media provided that context.

Speaking of, Elizabeth Edwards talks about the shallowness that is mainstream media.

And, a shameless plug here, Knitters for Obama make the paper.

I love the internet.


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