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April 15, 2008 / allyo

If only he were this conscientous about his toys

The folks at daycare keep telling me how good (anal) Jamie is about following the rules, especially cleaning up the toys. I’ve witnessed it myself – we’ll be 10 minutes getting out there some nights because he HAS to find all the chicken nuggets and put them safely in their box with Mr. Potato Head (heh-whoever decided on that pairing has a sense of humor).  So now I use that to nag him about his toys at home, with little effect.

Tonight MD was looking for the lock that goes on our back gate. He had unlocked it for the lawn chemical guy yesterday and was just getting around to relocking it, but it was gone. The three of us poked around the grass looking for it but no luck. Then after I went inside to finish dinner, MD thought of asking Jamie if he had done anything. The answer? “Yes, I put it in here (storage box on the patio) so we wouldn’t lose it!”


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