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April 1, 2008 / allyo

Circle the wagons

I’ve been feeling a sense of impending economic doom, what with the mortgage crisis and the price of gas, and some projections I’m hearing that put gas at $4/gallon this summer* and predictions that this may be the worst economic downturn this country has seen since post WWII. MD and I have the misfortune to bring out the worst in each other when it comes to money management, and we tend to take turns trying to be sensible and giving up and just charging it for god’s sake. So when I told him last week that we needed to find a way to tighten our belts even more – somehow – and commit to a plan to pay down/off our credit card debt, he thought it was a good if painful idea but pretty much rolled his eyes at my worries about the overall economy.

And then…For the past few days MD’s knee has been sore and a little swollen, and then last night it swelled up like a grapefruit. It looks like its his patellar tendon again, and the last time this was an issue – long before Jamie was born – he almost had surgery and was out of commission for weeks.  Now it means he can’t read Jamie a bedtime story and he might not be able to keep his new job – I mean, if you had just hired someone who was your only daytime cook and they had to be out for six weeks, what would you do? You’d have to replace them.

I just…I really thought this was going to be a good year. I felt like we were going to go far this year. Even when MD lost his job, I still felt incredibly optimistic and felt like we’d bounce back better than ever. Now I feel beaten down and stupid. Stupid for thinking we’d ever be able to figure it out. Stupid for having a kid when obviously we can’t even take care of ourselves. Stupid stupid stupid.

Obviously tonight I’m also indulging in a little self-pity. Stupid.

(*I heard in the same report at some point it would go up to $9 gallon but there wasn’t enough info for me to really believe that – either that or I’m in full denial mode)



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  1. Mystik Mamma / Apr 2 2008 9:42 am

    Circle the wagons… I agree, it is time and has been for about the past year to really get a handle on things. I am raging mad with our political system for letting things spiral out of control. We still allow car makers to produce cars at 20 mpg… hello there is no new technology in this product! Were are the penalties for this indulgence? Mandate all cars get 40 mpg by 2009 and for those who can’t make the cut, penalize them! Offer new fixed loans for home owners that fit a profile of pre foreclosure… keep them in the homes but make it realistic in terms of a monthly payment.

    Again, I am mad, I am determined to figure a way out. I am trying like hell to live below my means and cut out necessities.. and quite frankly the only thing left is to get rid of cell phones, or cable/internet. Which combined I only spend 160 a month. Not bad for phone, cell phone, cable and internet.
    What is this country thinking? Why is there so much spending still? How do we stop the hemorrhaging? It is scary, really scary. How much more can our struggling families take before all goes to hell?

  2. caro / Apr 4 2008 12:34 pm

    (off topic but I can’t find your email)
    Your comment gave me chills because this one did the exact same damn thing with the LinkedIn invitation. Cowards! Cowards all! (In fact, my god, maybe you and I were dating the same one fourteen years ago…)

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