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March 31, 2008 / allyo


It’s been, what 3 weeks since MD started his new job. (SIDENOTE: Where the HELL did March go?) Jamie’s adjusting to full time daycare ok, but by the end of the week he’s a pill and this morning he asked me repeatedly to stay home today. Some days he throws an unholy fit when MD drops him off, and is sad about not seeing daddy so much but happy about his new room and being with his friends. So, he’s probably fine, but I’m feeling a bit sad. Funny how that works.MD’s home three nights a week, and even though he’s not neccessarily home for dinner, he’s home in time for the bedtime routine and, wait, sit down, he put Jamie to bed last Thursday. While I was home, even. That’s a victory on many fronts. AND, while I was at a jewelry class yesterday with Kelly, they went to Petsmart together. Both things that MD’s leg/hip/knee have made him reluctant to do and that means he’s been listening to my, erm, PROCLAMATIONS that I’m burned out, overwhelmed, and sick to death of my default parent status.

I will say that there’s one big downside to the new routine and that is the house has gone to hell again. When MD was on 2nd shift I came home to a spotless kitchen and clean family room darn near every day. When I left this morning the family room was in unspeakable shape and while the kitchen wasn’t too bad, I’m sure a pan from last night will still be in the sink and Jamie’s breakfast dishes will still be on the counter.

However, if the messy house comes with more time with my spouse (rhyme!) I guess I can’t complain too much. But that’s one reason why I haven’t been posting as much here. I’ve been trying to stay away from the computer in the evenings and trying to work harder at maintaining some real world relationships. Plus, there’s this:

Preemie hat #1

Mr. Potato Head is modeling one of my donations to a preemie hat donation drive organized by the Knitters for Obama, a group on I’ve promised a number of tiny hats and I’m even knitting some of them so the project is eating up most of my lunch breaks and evenings. And while I’m a master at multi-tasking, I haven’t yet figured out how to knit at type. Alas.

Still, I’m finally the owner of a wireless router and I promise to not be so neglectful from here on out. My inbox has been lonely.



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  1. Mystik Mammo / Apr 1 2008 9:17 pm

    March would be the month that Easter happened in a while back… that I never really was able to absorb/enjoy!

    Yeah what the $&#($* happened here? Life it is going by so quickly.. I want to slow it down.


  1. Hat parade « many good things

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