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March 10, 2008 / allyo

I wish

I wish I had had this as ammunition a while back, when I was fighting a losing battle about weight on a bulletin board I no longer frequent. Thing is, I have to chuckle at the title, because you see, I wear a size 14. And I am still obese. And according to the folks on my former board, that can absolutely be solved by a) eating less calories and b) exercising more. And when I pointed out that I’m the thinnest female in my family over the age of 30? Doesn’t matter. What exactly, am I trying to do? Justify myself?

Sigh. No, just trying to ask if maybe, maybe, genetics do in fact matter.

Thing is, I do want to lose some more weight. Maybe 10 lbs., maybe 20. I’m not quite happy with myself at the moment, but I’ll be damned if I beat myself up over it. Not anymore.


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  1. Unfit Mother / Mar 10 2008 2:40 pm

    Even at my fittest, I wear a size 12, 10 AT BEST pants. I have wide hips. I look like a size 6 or 8, but still need ample room in pants. I loathe all those sizes and numbers.

    I come from a legacy of “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” size women. I exercise near compulsively and try not to listen to the girl scout cookies hanging out in the freezer, but it HAS to be genetics. How else can I explain the loss in inches but the increase in pounds?

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