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February 28, 2008 / allyo

On Hillary and the F word

Feminism, that is.

While I was watching the Obama/Clinton debate Tuesday night I was extremely distracted by Hillary’s makeup, to the point that I questioned whether it was a sexist response to seeing a woman in a presidential primary debate. Then I realized I’d seen plenty of women on tv before, and the only ones with distracting makeup were the ones with…bad makeup.

That minor detail aside, it’s unfortunate that she often comes across as a scold, and we can argue forevermore about whether calling her one is sexist. I’d say it depends on who is doing the calling. But I’ve been thinking about how difficult it can be to try and make a strong point, as a woman, in a room full of people that a) may or may not respect you and b) damn well SHOULD respect you, but have lots of reasons why they not, and being a woman is unfortunately on that list.

I don’t like Hillary. I used to – I used to look up to her, but then, I used to believe in her husband too. Putting that aside, I don’t like her focus on tearing Obama down by way of touting her past “experience.” I wish she would simply focus on the issues. And I resent having to stop every time I’m annoyed with her to examine my feelings to make certain I’m not buying in to some repressed, societal sexism. I mean, yes, I am certain the fact that she is a woman has colored people’s perceptions of her, but people hated her long before she became a candidate. She’s polarizing, and while it was worth it to  have one polarizing Clinton in the white house, that is not what we need NOW. And that is why I think people are gravitating toward Barak. The one word I’ve heard repeatedly about him is “classy.” Classy doesn’t require a penis – women can be classy too, but Hillary has chosen to pick nits rather than be substantive and that’s the opposite of classy.

Do I think Hillary is the right person for the presidency? No. (YES, I’ll vote for her should she somehow miraculously end up with the nomination) Is she the right woman to make the first attempt? I don’t know. Does it matter? Only time will tell. I just hope it doesn’t take us as long to return to the idea of a female president as it has for us to finally return to the idea of universal health care.



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  1. Kelly / Feb 28 2008 7:59 pm

    Thank you for capturing my thoughts on this better than I could ever express.

  2. Emmie (Better Make It A Double) / Mar 4 2008 12:47 am

    Very, very well put.


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