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February 18, 2008 / allyo


We had a throwdown tonight over Jamie’s bath. While I’ve been lax in the past about bathing in general, especially in the wintertime, Jamie’s got some scaly stuff going on on his scalp and my stylist recommended washing it more frequently to try and keep it at bay. Due to poor planning, it had been 4 days since he’d been in the tub so tonight wasn’t up for debate. I made jokes, cajoled, teased, tickled, and almost got him in without incident, but he balked at the last minute and what followed was unpleasant for both of us.

After the essential washing was done, it was another 30 minutes of (naked) screaming and sobbing before Jamie calmed down, and more than once during that time I wondered if this was all normal three year old angst or something more. And even if it is normal, how do I teach him to calm the heck down? How much space is enough, how much is too much? How traumatic is a forced head washing anyway?

He finally recovered and was happy enough the rest of the evening, and while I was rocking him I asked him what he was going to do the next time it was bath night. “Listen?” he replied. “Yes,” I said, “because that bath was not fun for either of us – in fact, it really upset me and I know it upset you.” “But I don’t like to listen,” was his answer.




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  1. Mystik Mamma / Feb 18 2008 9:26 pm

    I don’t like to listen either.. at times. UGh, what will we do with our defiant/strong young men? V, is having a hard time listening as well. I feel there are times, I just want to scream my head off. Not that raising my voice is the best solution, but it makes me crazy! I feel your pain sista!

  2. FriendD / Feb 19 2008 10:55 am

    What a pain in the $%&*. My suggestion? You need good toys. I saw Little Einstein Bath Tub toys at Target and will pick them up next time I see them as a present for the both of you!

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