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February 11, 2008 / allyo

When all else fails


I am sick – again. Cold, cough, chest hurts. But it seems to be on the mend already and it’s a busy, busy week (month) and so I am at work. But I am a little fuzzy and it’s hard to keep my momentum so I am organizing – again.  The new meeting folder system is working, but my folders are getting backed up on my desk after the meetings are long finished because my file drawers are a mess. I moved into this office 16 months ago, and it’s still half my predecessor’s system and half mine, and both half-assed at that. So I am labelling and throwing away and still, it’s hard to keep any momentum going. But if I keep at it, when I come in tomorrow (hopefully) feeling better still, everything will be in its place and I’ll be able to dive back in to my actual work.


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