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February 5, 2008 / allyo


I was daydreaming recently about having another baby. A boy, and we’d name him Leo after my paternal grandfather. And then the next day Jamie started talking about “Leo the brudder” and I’m pretty sure one of his daycare buddies must have a brother name Leo, because otherwise…well…you know. That’s just weird. (I’m being self-deprecating here, instead of proclaiming, “It’s a sign!”)

My coordinator told me yesterday that she was pregnant and I was overjoyed for her. She and her husband’s marriage has been much like mine and MD’s was before I got pregnant, and they’ve been struggling to work things out. They finally decided to try for a baby, and *whoosh* three weeks later, whaddya know. (Yeah, I hate her a little too.)

I’m struggling to keep all the stuff I want to share to myself since the pregnancy is brand new, and nobody wants to hear about birthing options and what you can and can’t eat, and what books to read, etc., and only partly succeeding (I couldn’t shut up about caffeine, because her and her husband had read a couple of fear-mongering books and she had gone cold turkey and was SUFFERING), and on the way to the parking garage yesterday we stopped to gawk at baby clothes and I bought her a couple of sleepers that were on clearance. In the itty-ist, bitty-ist sizes of course, because that’s what’s fun.

I’m kind of glad to have someone else’s pregnancy to keep my mind of the lack of my own, especially now when most of our friends have finished making babies. And really, even if we had all the money in the world, both MD’s hips are hurting now, and it’s my opinion that we’re looking at hip replacement surgery sooner rather than later. Maybe not for a year or two, but it’s been moved from the “someday” column to the “near future” one, in my mind. We’ll know more this month – assuming continues to make doctor’s appointments – but regardless, a baby right now, as opposed to maybe in the next couple of years, would not be a good idea.



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  1. dawn / Feb 5 2008 1:41 pm

    But I want to live vicariously through YOU not vicariously through you via your co-worker! Sigh indeed.

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