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January 1, 2008 / allyo

Vacation in Pictures

So I’m going back to work tomorrow after a long stretch of 10 days off. A few “vacation” memories that were committed to film include:

Christmas eve morning
Jamie’s excitement started Christmas eve morning as he leaped repeatedly onto MD’s back from the couch.

Putting the cookie bags together
The million-and-one cookies I baked all lined up to put into bags.

On a plate.

Getting ready for Christmas Eve dinner
The table set for Christmas eve dinner. We host MD’s family Christmas and have 16 or so people over for a sit-down yet casual affair. What didn’t take a picture was the additional 8 places crammed around folding tables in the kitchen.

Christmas eve snuggles
Md in his Christmas jammies, winding down after searching for Jamie’s damn shark scissors. It took an hour but we finally remembered where they were.

Crazy hair
Jamie on Christmas morning sporting an awesome and stubborn case of bedhead.

Opening the shark scissors.

Exhausted but not giving in
Fast-forward to Christmas night at my dad’s house. This was after we “lost” Jamie for a good 5 minutes. He hid in the closet and Md’s pretty sure he dozed off in there.

Jamie & V sledding in the hallway
Our Cleveland visit – Jamie and V sledding in the hallway.

And a rocking good time was had on Christmas eve.

Family self-portrait 1
Family self-portrait.


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