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December 31, 2007 / allyo

Late-night sappy New Year’s Post – you’ve been warned

I had the most wonderful visit this weekend with our friends, and Jamie had a ball playing with Austina’s sons L and V. He pouted and moaned when it was time to leave today.

Md asked me about the visit when we got home, wanting to know what we did. “We talked and talked and talked and then we talked some more,” was all I had to offer. It was so nice. Our children are old enough now that they can go off and play together with minimal intervention for the occasional altercation, and we were able to focus on each other for the entire day and a half that Jamie and I were there. And then when I got home I had a surprise Christmas card waiting from a friend that I haven’t been in touch with much lately and then wrapped the day up with dinner with yet another group of friends.

Hi life, I missed you.

I love the holidays, really I do, but with the anniversary of my grandma’s death in september, and then mine and Jamie’s birthdays in october, and then thanksgiving and then christmas…I am more than happy to return to normal.

I have such good feelings about the coming year. Changes are coming, good changes. I may not yet know what they entail, but I can feel them coming, and I am ready.

I am truly blessed, and this year has been one of amazing growth and realization.

Happy New Year to all my lovely friends that have touched my life through this blog. I treasure you all, and you have helped carry me through the past three years.* Blessings to you and yours.

*My 3-year blogversary came and went this month and I never got around to acknowledging it. Happy blogversary to me!


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