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December 20, 2007 / allyo

At last

I made these for my program coordinator because I wanted something special that would convey just how much I appreciate her. And if there’s anything to get me off my orange kick, this is it. I’ve always loved blue and silver together (they were our wedding colors, in fact) and now I want to blanket the house in these two yarns.

Better together

I actually started out using both together for the clutch but decided that was too busy. I think I made the right call.

Get the skinny scarf

Besides, this scarf (Get the Skinny Scarves pattern found online) is gorgeous with the silver sparkles that are unfortunately beyond my simple camera to truly capture. I finally did my first steam blocking with it and oh my, I have plans to steam block every scarf I’ve made for myself and as gifts this weekend. What a difference!

Another stash fabric for the clutch lining, pattern from the Happy Hooker again. This is a remnant I picked up at a local craft store and didn’t know if I’d ever use. I am suddenly very glad that I have about a yard left.
Lining sewn in
All wrapped up.
Wrapped up
For some reason, white tissue paper is doing it for me this year. Plus, I love to wrap soft gifts in tissue paper for some reason. It makes opening it more tactile I guess. The supplies for the little snowflake have been cluttering up our dining room table for two weeks now and Jamie and I have slowly chipped away at making these tags/ornaments in a variety of shapes/colors to put on all our aunt/uncle/teacher/friend small gifts. More about those later!



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  1. dawn / Dec 20 2007 2:33 pm

    That blue is BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Austina / Dec 20 2007 6:08 pm

    You really are creative! These look wonderful and it is so nice to see the hand crafter being able to be chic!

  3. Vienna / Dec 22 2007 2:50 pm

    All this knitting and cookie baking is making me feel like a slug. Cut it out! Don’t be so crafty. The other kids are making fun of my lack of skillz.

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