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December 13, 2007 / allyo

Good. Bad. Ugly.

The Good: My work Christmas party is tomorrow and it is something I look forward to all year. We start at lunch and a small but determined band of us plus significant others plus some of my favorite ex-employees last until 11 pm or so, ending up at my favorite dive bar for pizza and pool.

The Bad: Jamie’s sick so MD is staying home tomorrow meaning my carefully laid plans designed to get us both out with my coworkers for a significant stretch of time for the first time since Jamie was born are probably gone to hell since, even though my sister is coming over earlier than we had planned to relieve MD at home, he’s going to have to go to work to get stuff done. I’m…resigned, but would like to cry a little. As one might over spilt milk. It’s something small but frustrating.

The Bad, pt. 2: Oh yeah, Jamie’s sick, a stupid cold with a fever that won’t go away and therefore I am significantly behind at work.

The Bad, pt. 3: A coworker of mine really tweaked me off today and it’s someone that I’ve leaned on a lot in the last year and that makes me even more tweaked.

The Bad, pt. of-course-and-why-the-hell-not: I’m feeling run down and have a tickle in the back of my throat and I am convinced that I will be struck down by the weekend at the latest. After days of a sick kid breathing on me I guess all the handwashing in the world can’t protect me.

Maybe if I drink enough tomorrow it will, I dunno, pickle my immune system or something, rendering it impermeable to kid germs?

Yeah. I didn’t think so either.

Oh wait!

The Ugly: Our house. Unvaccuumed, undusted, and totally trashed by a sick kid milling about all week.

Oh yeah, Christmas? Bring it on.


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